Kayleigh Coxx Fucks A Paparazzo Up The Ass Over at TS Seduction

August 24, 2018 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

Fuck The Paparazzi!

Gorgeous blonde celebrity Kayleigh Coxx comes home from a night out and finds paparazzo Ruckus taking photos of her undressing through one of her home's windows in their new scene together over at Kink's TS Seduction website. Coxx is totally not OK with this violation of her privacy so she drags Ruckus into her home to teach him a lesson. This lesson will involve him sexually serving her and he is very enthused about learning this lesson. It first starts off with her stuffing her hard cock in his face and he takes her down well.

Coxx decides to help herself to his asshoel and she rams her spit-slicked cock right inside of him. He loves how she fucks him here, moaning and groaning with approval as she works his ass well. After he pops his load all over himself, Coxx decides to take some photos of him. Oh, the nonconsensual photos do not please him at all. Coxx agrees to get rid of them if she can have him swallow his load on down and that agreement works out just fine for them both.

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