Top Five TS Playground Scenes So Far This Year

October 4, 2018 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

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Evil Angel director Jay Sin directs incredible trans porn scenes and his TS Playground website that you can subscribe to alone or get included along with any Evil Angel website membership is the home of his really incredible, award winning work. He is unabashed and so open about his appreciation of these performers' bodies and he really make sure that every possible body worship kink that a viewer could have is sated in every single scene that he shoots. I love how thorough he is in his work and how he captures beauty in a way that is so distinctly his. If you are watching a Sin scene, you know you are watching a Sin scene and that distinctive, decidedly perverted eye really makes a ton of porn fans really happy. You should totally go check his work on out if you have not already. These five scenes are my favorite ones that have been featured on the TS Playground website so far this year but you should totally make your own decision about what your favorites are. Here we go....

1) Aubrey Kate and Sergeant Miles

Evil Angel contract star/AVN Transsexual Performer of the Year Aubrey Kate looks just incredible here in her Damien Cain-directed scene with Sergeant Miles. Kate is dressed as if she is in a romantic fantasy in a flowing pink robe with exquisite lingerie underneath while her beau wears a suit. This is not really a traditional romance though as breath play and face fucking happen in abundance here. Kate is lovely and is down for all of the rough stuff that Miles dishes out her way. His belt gets used as a leash to keep the blonde beauty in line and obedient. She gets her ass fucked good and hard and I had no idea that she had that inner lip "SLUT" tattoo!  I learn something new every single day.

2) Bailey Paris and Nick Ross

German trans star Bailey Paris is thrilled to get her mouth and ass fucked by Euro porn performer Nick Ross in their scene. Paris' pale, hairless, milky skin is simply luscious and she is so, so pretty. I love her full lips and how they look wrapped around Ross' cock in this. She is all about keeping the eye contact going, absolutely loving the effect that she has on the viewers. She gets her ass fucked wide open here and the gapes are a complete delight to view.

3) Sasha De Sade and Jonelle Brooks

Sex kittens Sasha De Sade and Jonelle Brooks look fantastically feline and fabulously fetching in leopard print and kitty ear headbands. While the two take turns topping each other, Brooks is definitely the top in this really great trans/trans pairing. I love how they help each other get the big gapes going throughout the fun and they have pretty amazing chemistry. Meow, indeed. This one is actually one of my favorite scenes of the year as a whole.

4) Lianna Lawson

Lianna Lawson is just a super, super performer and this solo is a total pervy treat. Her work here is directed by Cain and wow, he makes sure that she is looking absolutely lovely throughout this. She has such a nice, long cock and she gets it so nice and hard for the camera. She gives an excellent dildo blowjob that we can see all of from a mirror and she takes that dildo deep inside her ready, very open asshole. She also does a whole lot of sounding in, taking a stainless steel rod all the way inside of her long girl cock at one point and then expelling it partially from inside of her. She loves stroking herself with that metal inside of her and wow, that looks fucking amazing.

5) Marissa Minx and Kai Bailey

Aussie star Marissa Minx is a hella cool chick and apparently is a favorite of conservative pundit Alex Jones and here, she is thoroughly enjoyed by Kai Bailey. (Jones, you never answered my letter, man!  You are breaking my heart!) Minx is just so curvy and sexy and she just hits every note for me. I love how she looks in and out of that thong, winking her asshole for us all. Wow, she is such a temptress. She looks so good squatting and sucking cock and Bailey gives her a super throat, tit and then ass fucking. Yeah, if I had a cock of my very own, I would totally want to fuck her tits. She is just so pretty. Bailey just dominates her ass so well and her gapes are great ones. Damn, her ass is so thick and nice. I love how that butt of hers quakes while she gets fucked.


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