Leticia Castro Does A Lovely Solo Scene Over at TS Playground

October 9, 2018 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

Leticia Is Luscious!

Stunner Brazilian trans star Leticia Castro appears here in her very first solo scene over at TS Playground. She is seriously just supermodel beautiful and wow, she is hung too. Yeah, Castro is fucking amazing. Here, she wears elegant lingerie and gives us a look at her amazing ass. Her with her ass in the air is seriously a view I could enjoy for years and years. I love how her balls peek out a smidge from her panties and how round those ass cheeks of hers are.

Seeing that same view with her cock out and hard, poking down from between her legs is a delight. She winks her asshole for us, dazzling us all with the many possibilities. She is so fucking hot and I love how thick her cock is. She is so fucking tempting. I am seriously smitten. You totally really, really, REALLY need to go  watch all of this. She is so fucking hot and watching her jerk that cock of hers is absolutely fucking wank-worthy. Head over to TS Playground now!

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