Checking In with Transfixed Star/AVN Trans Performer of the Year Chanel Santini

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Chanel Is The Hottest Red Riding Hood Ever!

AVN Trans Performer of the Year Chanel Santini is a fabulous, truly wonderful woman and she does a super trans lesbian scene with bad wolf Kleio Valentien over at Transfixed. Bree Mills directs the whole gorgeous and lovingly captured affair. Here is what Santini had to say about all of her current sexy doings.

So how are you doing, Chanel? How are things with you?

"Things are going great, I'm 21, I've been traveling, life is good!"

You did a wonderful scene on the new Adult Time channel Transfixed.

"Thank you so much! It was a lot of fun to shoot and I just loved how it turned out, I'm really looking forward to getting to shoot with them again soon."

What did you enjoy most out of working with Kleio Valentien?

"I love that she was open enough to want to work with me; I always appreciate cis gender people who aren’t afraid of the false stigma around working with trans women. Also, I appreciate her because she introduced me to my girlfriend! Right now, Kleio is in recovery from complications dealing with surgery so i want to share her GoFundMe link for people to help her out."

How was working with Adult Time creator Bree Mills? How did she approach you about doing the scene for this new channel?

"I loved working with her because of the amount of respect she came with before and during the shoot plus the care with how she shot this film, the theme and the editing. She made sure me and Kleio looked amazing in each shot. Everything about her is what I wish was the standard with everyone."

What did you love most about the fairy tale theme of this scene?

"Honestly I love the fact that it was Red Riding Hood because I love wearing and using the color red, I know that might sound a bit simple but it was definitely one of the perks in filming this."

What do you like most about working with cis women?

"There is a level of care and tenderness that comes from working with cis women on set, the stories and the types of shots completely change! Now I'm not knocking the men that I have worked with because they are only doing what the director and producers are asking for them in the scenes but getting to work with cis women is entirely different because regardless of having a penis, I am a woman albeit a trans woman but a woman still, and the way I am with another woman on set is very different than how it is when shooting with male talent."

A big congrats on your AVN Awards win for Performer of the Year! How did it feel to take that home?

"Like it was a dream and sometimes it still feels that way. I can still remember talking to my business partner back in 2016 when we made a plan for me to reach my goals in this industry and for it to have happened is just amazing! I really am humbled and honored to have won Performer of the Year."

What do you most want to use this new title and award for?

"Like I had said in my acceptance speech, I really want to continue to show the industry and fans and followers of our work that trans women and men are just as capable in being included into mainstream adult entertainment, that we are not a fetish but people who work just as hard and deserve the same amount of respect and equality while working."

Thinking back to the beginning of your career, what advice would you give yourself as a new performer?

"SAVE YOUR MONEY, GIRL!!! Really, that is a huge thing that I wished that I could have focused on more. It's really easy to get caught up in wanting to be glam and party a lot which is fun but it does nothing but leave you fabulously broke once it's done. Also, I would tell myself to know your own worth. I know no one really gets paid what they are worth but in this industry, the talent really needs to know that they are their own CEO's. I was so fortunate that my manager helped me with all this, reminding me that the only one who will be really looking out for me is me. So ladies and gents, learn to work smarter, not harder."

What else is coming up for you?

"I have a shoot coming up for Aiden Starr, whom I love working with! Also I will be shooting with Transfixed again so I am looking forward to that too. There is also a special project that I am working on that I'm really excited about, I can't say more than that right now but just watch out."

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to watch my films, subscribe to my content sites and who have supported me through my transition and through my career. It's because of all of them that I am able to live this wonderful life and to enjoy everything that it has to offer. I love all of you so much!"

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Adult Time. Click right here to watch Santini's trans lesbian sex scene with Kleio Valentien over at Adult Time's Transfixed channel right now!

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