Five Reasons Why I Loved Making "Femme 4 Femme", by Chelsea Poe

March 20, 2019 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

Chelsea Has Delivered More "Femme 4 Femme"!

Super awesome, super beautiful Chelsea Poe directed and stars in the trans lesbian all-sexer "Femme 4 Femme 2". Check it out!


"I love how this movie shows how much amazing content is made during AVN. I shot two thirds of it during AVN in Vegas; it’s such an amazing opportunity to get to work with performers from all over the world who are in Vegas for the expo or award show. Vegas really feels like the center of the mainstream porn world at this point and it’s always such a fun time shooting there."

"I loved that I got to work with Rae Threat more. Rae shot my scene with Mona Wales and Marina Lee in the first 'Femme 4 Femme' so having her shoot the scene with Cupcake and I was so amazing. I really looked up to Rae’s style from the time I was an alt porn fan girl in college so that Rae is a collaborator on this series means so much to me."

"Maya Mayhem REALLY influenced me as a performer."

"I loved making more trans lesbian content. When I first got into the industry I had established transsexual performers explicitly tell me 'trannies can’t be lesbians' and 5 years later, the landscape is totally different. There’s major studios investing thousands of dollars on trans lesbian content and crossover with mainstream performers is pretty much a everyday thing. I’m super interested on building up a catalog of inclusive trans lesbian content that isn’t just based on mainstream porn bodies but more alternative lesbian porn."

"I got to work with Maya Mayhem! We shot it in the Pacific Northwest which has such a rich history of indie dyke and trans porn. Good Dyke Porn, Porn For Everyone and Doing It Ourselves really established a foundation in Seattle and Vancouver for the trans women filmmakers/performers that came after them. It was a total honor to shoot with Maya who really influenced my performing style when I was first really figuring out how to have sex as a trans woman in a affirming way."

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Trouble Films. Follow Poe on Twitter to keep up with all of her very sexy porno doings and click right here to watch "Femme 4 Femme 2" right now!


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