Kayleigh Coxx and Kenzie Taylor Are Super Fine Fitness Hotties Over at Adult Time’s Transfixed

April 2, 2019 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

Check Out The Trans Lesbian Workout!

Kayleigh Coxx and Kenzie Taylor are super sexy, blonde workout buddies in their new scene together over at Adult Time's Transfixed channel directed by Bree Mills. They look fucking hot getting sweaty together and as the workout goes on, Taylor finds herself more and more drawn....or transfixed, one might say....by the bulge that Coxx is packing in her tight spandex workout outfit. They keep the aerobics and calisthenics going until Taylor decides to take her chances and Taylor pulls a very aroused Coxx onto her workout mat.

Taylor loves using her tongue on Coxx's nipples once they both are out of their sports bras as part of their foreplay. Coxx definitely loves the sensation of that and she loves using her tongue to get Taylor's pussy even wetter than it already was. Taylor loves working Coxx's beautiful girl cock with her mouth and her tongue here and these two beautiful blondes just seems positively smitten with each other in every way in this very hot trans lesbian pairing. Watch Coxx give Taylor a hard, solid fucking!

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