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April 2, 2019 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

Lena Gets Transfixed By Athena!

In a gorgeous new scene over at Adult Time's Transfixed channel, Lena Kelly does a passionate, romantic trans lesbian scene with Athena Rayne. Director Bree Mills was visually inspired by photographer Tanya Chalkin's famous Sapphic portrait, ‘Kiss’, an intimate black & white snapshot featuring two underwear-clad women in bed, engaged in a passionate lip lock when creating this very intimacy-heavy, loving feeling pairing.

"This episode was so much fun to bring to life because of our source material,” Mills said of the scene in a press release. “At a time when lesbians were rarely seen or discussed, Tanya Chalkin's photograph was a reinforcement of the beauty of two women being together as themselves - stripped down, natural and loving.”

Here is what Kelly had to say about her first time working with Mills and the many other truly awesome things that she has going on in her career.

So how are you, Lena? How are things?
"Things have been great! Just staying busy."

Congrats on your Transgender Erotica Awards wins! How did it feel taking home those trophies?
"I was very honored to have won twice this year. It felt really great to have my hard work recognized!"

You star with Athena Rayne in Adult Time's latest entry in the gorgeous Transfixed channel. How was working with Athena for this? The images from the scene look so passionate.
"It was a lot of fun. We had really great on-screen chemistry."

How was working for Bree Mills? What did you like most about being directed by her?
"I absolutely loved working for Bree. I especially love her clarity in explaining her vision. It helps me as a performer capture exactly what she wants from scene to scene."

What do you enjoy most about working with cis women in this kind of a trans lesbian scene? Is there anything that is different for you in this type of a scene?
"For me, it's a nice change from working with just guys. This scene was fun and different in that the sex was set-up to be more about the foreplay and romantic nuance than the actual sex sex. We were able to take things in whichever direction we wanted which always adds a special passion."

Are you a woman who naturally loves kissing? Women kissing each other was a huge part of Mills' inspiration in making this scene.
"I absolutely love kissing! Of course. I pride myself on my kissing abilities."

Do you naturally enjoy a more romantic type of scene like this one or a gonzo one? What do you prefer in your performing life?
"I don't really have a preference. In my personal life, I'm all about romance and passion, but that always ends up turning into something nasty anyway."

What do you love most about how your scene with Athena came out?
"I love the long, slowed down, dream-like aspect to it."

So what else is coming up for you? What else is going on?
"Lots! I have been working on a few projects as a director and just continuing to shoot as a performer for the companies I like. I decided this year I'm only shooting for the companies that treat me well."

Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?
"I have a dildo coming out through Doc Johnson and a Fleshlight! Stay tuned for that."

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Adult Time. Click right here to watch Kelly's Transfixed scene with Athena Rayne right now!

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