Fleshtunes: The Alexandra Vexx Edition

July 24, 2019 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

Alexandra's Fleshtunes!

Alexandra Vexx is a super hot new starlet and holy fuck, I think she is fabulous and should be cast in fucking everything. She is beautiful, brilliant, kind and funny and hot as fuck. She was nice enough to send over her Fleshtunes. Enjoy!


"Here, at the end of all things" by Foxwedding: No lyrics, just amazing beats. I dunno why but this song tears me up sometimes. It's perfect for rainy drives down the highway. Make sure to follow Foxwedding on SoundCloud and Twitter @Flexwedding. He's a good friend. <3

"Iridescent" by Sound Quelle featuring Brandon Mignacca: Another chill but kinda sad song. We all have been there where we look for someone or something to give us purpose.

"Fight for me. I may have lost my light, you are the one to make things right. Start over again."

"This is Our Time" by Miles Malone: I was so surprised to find this kinda song in a gangster shooter (PayDay2). A ballad to life and comebacks. Not much to say, the song just rocks.

"The Ninth Wave" by Emil Bulls: I can't help but think of a heartless queen when I hear this song. Absolute goals. Also those riffs are sick as fuck. Seen them live not too long ago. Got a bloody nose in the pit and a plectrum, totally worth it.

"I Rape Myself" by Caliban: Y'all ever be on your grind and wonder why you do this shit day in day out? I have a song for that. Wraps up all those thoughts and pukes em out in a scream.


"Hunter Will Be Hunted" by Heaven Shall Burn: Don't be too comfortable as the apex. We all fall at some point. Also, the music video is beautiful)

The image of Vexx above appears here courtesy of Jay Sin Video/Evil Angel. Follow Vexx on Twitter to keep up with all of her super hot porno doings and here is what I am listening to right now. Hope you are having a super week!

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