Bree Daniels and Aubrey Kate Are Sexy Hippie Chicks In Love Over at Transfixed

August 1, 2019 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

Let The Sun Shine In!

Gorgeous blonde earth mother Aubrey Kate wanders through a field of flowers and grasses on an absolutely gorgeous day when she is joined by her ravishing redhead lover Bree Daniels in their brand new scene over at Adult Time's Transfixed channel directed by Bree Mills.  They smile at each other and kiss, taking in each other's love and the vast expanse of nature's bounty before them. Their love of each other and of the beauty of the world around them has bound them passionately together.

Kate and Daniels wander and kiss as they make their way to Kate's home. They sit in front of Kate's fireplace and their kisses grow heated like the fire behind them. Kate's cock is nice and rock hard but Kate gives Daniels' sweet hot twat lots of tongue time before the sixty nining begins. This is a pretty gorgeous trans lesbian affair, for sure and wow, Daniels is one dedicated, cool as fuck cocksucker here. She just is so about savoring every bit of Kate that she can here. Go enjoy this.

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