Five Reasons Why I Loved Directing/Starring in "XOXOX", by Chelsea Poe

August 6, 2019 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

Hugs and Kisses for "XOXOX"!

Performer/director Chelsea Poe has made this new, beautiful movie through Chelsea Poe Productions/Trouble Films. "XOXOX" is filled with mind-warpingly beautiful visuals and lots of hot queer fucking. Here's what Poe loves about this movie.


"I loved getting to work with such a variety of performers and it felt more international of any project I ever worked on. We shot a third in Berlin then the rest in Vegas during AVN. I feel like having so many queer folks in a project that gets mainstream press attention is really important to me."

"I love KT Spit so much and it was such a great opportunity to collaborate with her again. I absolutely fell in love with her Combluotion EP on a train ride to Chicago then when I heard Spaced Out for the first time I knew I wanted her to be on the soundtrack. KT gave me access to her entire catalog and really think her music is as important to the film as the visuals."

"I loved getting to shoot the scene with Mahx and Praline during the Berlin Porn Film Fest. The festival is one of my favorite events on the adult calendar in the world, there’s so many different queer filmmakers in town who are looking to make content and go to each other’s screenings. I really wish AVN or XBIZ had some screenings the week of the conventions because watching porn is what this industry is about."

"I love that I got to be on set with Rae Threat and Courtney Trouble as videographers for my scene, they’re always one of my favorite teams to be on set with. I have shot with them both on Femme 4 Femme, Fucking Mystic and a ton of other projects so always feel like a home field environment no matter what city we’re in."

"I love that I was able to push experimental art in my porn. Going to Berlin has really shown me you can do a million and one things with porn. I don’t believe I would have been confident about making porn this weird if I haven’t met so many rad queer filmmakers in Berlin. Huge shout out to folks like Four Chambers, Fuck The Fascism, Poppy Sanchez, Sluts4Sluts and Carrè Rose Films."

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Chelsea Poe Productions/Trouble Films. Follow Poe on Twitter to keep up with all of her sexy doings and click right here to watch "XOXOX" right now!

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