Twenty Questions with Fetish Star Lita Lecherous

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Lovely Lita!

Mistress Lita Lecherous stars in Trouble Films' "Chelsea Submits" directed by and starring Chelsea Poe. Get to know this Lecherous lady here!


What kind of girl were you back in high school? Who did you hang out with/date?

"I was the awkward emo/scene girl who listened to a lot of angsty music and read a lot of vampire fiction! I hung out with the other emo/scene kids and dated a lot of the sweet nerdy boys, and some of the queer girls who were mean to them."

Were you a porn fan before you got into the industry? Who were your favorite porn stars/favorite porn movies?

"I have been watching porn for over a decade of my life - I am very open sexually and porn has definitely fueled a lot of my sexploration, especially as a queer kid who grew up in a conservative area. My favorite porn stars were Sasha Grey and Tommy Pistol - I really loved the Evil Head porn parody Tommy starred in. Anything Sasha I consumed eagerly. I was also very, VERY into the sex stories forum on - I loved reading and my imagination is wild. Shout outs to forum writer Dinner, whose stories are still posted after all this time."

What kind of scene have you found is your favorite kind to do so far?

"I love humiliation scenes, and in general I just love orgasms - especially imposed or embarrassing orgasms. I love being silly and laughing, and being laughed at as well! I love hitting the breaking point where someone thinks they can't cum anymore, or they are embarrassed to do so - and pushing past that."

What/who do you want to do on-camera that you haven’t done yet?

"As far as what - I would like to make some anal videos, I really love performing anal on others and it's surprising to me that I don't have any clips of that. I would love to do more horror and taboo porn - two of my favorite genres. As far as who - I've definitely had my sights on working with Felicia Fisher, Lance Hart, Charlotte Sartre, and of course Tommy Pistol. He follows me on Instagram - so maybe someday?"

Who is your favorite performer to work with so far and why?

"I love working with Chelsea Poe - our chemistry on camera is so amazing. She is very creative and open to a lot of my crazy and silly ideas. She's a great performer, and willing to try new things and push herself in scenes with the right person.
Also, she's cute as all hell, a Sasha Grey fan, and very into humiliation."

You respond to your fans a lot on Twitter. What do you like most about talking to your fans on social media?

"I'm a very social person I also feel very seen when people make conversation with me and interact with my posts. I spent a lot of my life thinking I was terminally unique or too weird for most people, so I love interacting with others who genuinely love what I do and want to share their opinions or ideas with me! Also, my fans are really funny, sweet, and supportive!"

How did you become a porn performer? What led you down that career path?

"So, I always had an interest in doing porn - but because of my size and look, I thought it would never happen. When I started getting into NiteFlirt as a PSO, I realized a lot of the more successful people on there had clips for sale. I was performing as a Dominatrix only at that time - and a lot of those clips appeared to just be solo POV style. I thought, 'I could do that!' and started making short 10-15 minute clips in my room, and they were selling. After a while of doing that, my friend Valerie Paige asked if I would be willing to shoot for her independent production company Black Swan Productions - I said sure! From there, other performers started reaching out to me asking if I would collaborate, and I hooked up with Maxine Azula to shoot for CrashPad. CrashPad was where I first saw Chelsea Poe's work - and we got connected eventually. Once I started collaborating with her and Courtney Trouble - other people started reaching out to me. I was having such a blast, so I decided to keep doing it. Plus, being recorded turns me on a lot. I've since started switching in my clips and branching out into the bondage community, and that's been exciting and opened more doors as well. I just shot some really great stuff with Dart Tech Productions and - and I have some other exciting collaborations coming as well!"

What do you most want to achieve in the industry?

"I want to create the kind of porn that I enjoy, and I want it to break into the mainstream industry. Fucking and kink are fun - I feel like in a lot of the more mainstream porn, the pleasure can tend to be portrayed as one sided or less enjoyable for some involved. I want my porn to be raw and real - messy, silly, and sexy. That's the compliment I get the most in every aspect of my work - that I'm so real and what I do feels authentic, because it is! People deserve to feel seen, have a good time, and cum!!"

What is one thing you would teach a woman who wanted to be a better sexual partner?

"Don't hide your feelings or try to be someone you aren't - authenticity and communication are sexy. I guarantee you, if you tell your partners what you like, what you don't like, what you're curious about - they will listen, and share with you those same thoughts and feelings they are having. It creates a beautiful environment to explore, try new things, be vulnerable with one another, and figure out what brings everyone the most pleasure."

What do you love most about being in porn?

"All of the extraordinary things I get to try, the amazing sex I get to have, and the wonderful people I get to work with. Porn has taken me places beyond my wildest fantasies! I really feel like I'm living my best life making porn - and I'm only in my second year now. Oh, wow, that's exciting to think about."

What do you think are “must-have” DVDs for your fans?

"I definitely recommend buying a copy of "Chelsea Submits" from Trouble Films - I'm on it, and there are some other really hot scenes with other amazing femmes. That's currently the only DVD I am featured on, but if you're looking to get into some of my personal favorites, I recommend also purchasing "Femme 4 Femme 2", and "The Crash Pad". I also highly recommend "Pink Flamingos" (which is basically porn - let's be real) and "Jennifer's Body" (not porn - but very relevant to my queer journey)."

What do you like to do for fun?

"I love cooking, watching weird movies, and memes. I collect records, I am a music nerd - anything from metal, disco, emo, hip hop, even show tunes. I'm also a huge fan of anything Buffy the Vampire Slayer - I love reading those comics, as well as any Archie and Sabrina comics I can get my hands on. I like reading tarot cards and exploring with crystals. I'm really involved in kink as a lifestyle - so I spend a lot of time playing, reading up on things I'm interested in, or attending local kink events."

What are your favorite fetishes to explore on camera?

"Humiliation, shoe and foot fetish, chastity, bondage, imposed or controlled orgasm, wet and messy..."

Who are your role models in porn?

"Oh, gosh. Definitely super look up to Charlotte Sartre - I love how versatile her career has been and the energy she brings on camera. I'm a Sasha Grey super fan - even though she's retired now, I would love to see her make a comeback as a director! I also really admire Elise Graves and Kyaa Chimera! All very strong feminine presences I want to embody, and hopefully work with at some point."

What is the best mainstream movie you have seen recently?

"I had not seen The Matrix until recently when my partner insisted on showing it to me - and I was blown away, and yes, now convinced we live in The Matrix. To be fair, I was so, so young when the movie came out."

How about the best porno movie? Is there someone whose movies you like to watch who is working now?

"I really enjoy Charlotte Sartre's scenes - I have purchased a variety of her clips. I don't know about the best porno movie - I tend to buy independent clips as of late. I love her Piss Waterboarding scene with Assylum, the opening interview is really inspiring - she's a genuine freak like me! I really resonate with that interview."

What is coming up for you?

"I am anticipating shooting more with Trouble Films soon, hopefully joined by Alani Pi. I'm going back to the Bondage Life ranch to shoot more in October with Greyhound and Dart Tech Studios. I have been told BrutalMaster will also be joining us on that trip, which is very exciting! I have also been communicating with Elise Graves about collaborating, which is beyond exciting! And I have an independent clip with a wonderful woman named Pretty ODell over Thanksgiving. So, a lot of things!"

If you could fuck any celebrity, who would it be?

"I would have to live out my Angel fantasies and go with David Boreanaz."

What single piece of advice would you give a brand new female performer?

"Stay in your own lane and don't gossip - even if you hear about others feuds, you'll get to shoot with more people and have a smoother experience."

Is there anything you want to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"Thank you for supporting me, seriously. Thank you for encouraging me to be my most authentic, gross, weird, silly self in porn. I am sincerely touched in all the right ways knowing you enjoy my work."

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Trouble Films.

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