Top Five TS Seduction Scenes So Far This Year

September 19, 2019 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

Great TS Seduction Moments!

I love the power and the sexual confidence of the performers over at Kink's TS Seduction website. All of the performers here absolutely have their own fetishes and desires satisfied in the scenes and they definitely want you as the viewer to have a blast. They sure do with the fucking and sucking and pure fetish bliss that they dive head first into in these scenes. I don't think that there is a site that does fetish porn with trans stars as well as this one does and you need it in your life if you love BDSM. These five scenes are my faves from the year but please, go over there and finds your very own.

"Boyfriend PUNISHMENT: TS Foxxy Pounds Loser Boyfriend Mike Panic's Ass"

Dominatrix TS Foxxy has come home from a hard day of beating submissives' asses to find the apartment that she shares with boyfriend Mike Panic a mess. They have been through this before and wow, this guy did not learn a damn thing from the punishment and ass fucking. This time, Foxxy decides to take her punishment of Panic up a notch and she has him put on a collar and leash for her. He has to be her bad puppy and she will keep this naughty doggie in line this time. With a cock ring keeping his cock and balls looking so fine, she jerks him off until he is really close to cumming and denies him the pleasure. She uses her riding crop to enforce her punishment on his fleshy bits and then she decides to fuck his asshole to make her point about who is in charge in their household. Foxxy fucking rules.

"Hang Ups & Hook Ups: Kayleigh Coxx Calls Up Mason Lear"

Cam performer/mistress Kayleigh Coxx is in the middle of a cam session when her internet goes out completely. Her internet service provider sends over socially awkward and rude techie Mason Lear on over to her place to repair things so she can get back to work. Coxx is not OK with how he talks down to her and how nothing is getting fixed quick enough for her liking so she takes charge of everything. She has him worship her legs and feet and then her gloriously hard girl cock with his mouth and has him strip down to nothing after flogging his ass through his jeans for a while. He gives her exactly the kind of deep, slurping head that she wants and wow, she does a fine job fucking this geek's ass hard and well. She definitely loves having him bent over the couch and she just uses his hole the way that she wants to. Coxx is a fabulous performer and I love how strong she is here.

"Khloe's Toy"

Performing princess Khloe Kay visits her "pet" Draven Navarro in her dungeon. Navarro is thirsty and lonely after having been in that dungeon all alone and locked up for quite a while. He drinks the water she offers him messily and that just will not do. She insists on training him a bit to get him to be more attentive to how she wants him to behave. She cuts off his underwear and uses her teeth to bite and gnaw on his cock. She uses clothespins on his abs and rips them off in a painful looking zipper. All the pain and all of Kay's attention his way makes him hard. She decides to allow him to suck her beautiful, hard girl cock and after she lets him orally serve her for a while, she decides that she should fuck his ass for a while. Navarro loves getting his man hole filled all up by her lovely girl cock.

"Slumlord's Comeuppance: Casey Kisses takes down creep"

Prospective tenant Casey Kisses meets up with hipster slumlord Lance Hart at one of his hovels. She hates how men like him have control of the housing market in her beloved city and when he has the gall to flirtingly touch her arm, she decides that she has had enough of him and his crap. He kicks him square in the balls, pulls his pants down and spanks his ass hard over her lap. She has him worship and suck her lovely girl cock with his mouth and he rips her pantyhose to get to her lovely rod. She loves having him lick her asshole and eventually, she decides to fuck his ass hard and deep. Hart just loves how she fucks him here and he shoots his load all over his belly while she is fucking him. Kisses feeds Hart his load and has him swallow his own capitalist pig jizz on down his throat. Hart is so fucking sexy and I love how Kisses fucks him.

"Stress Test: Nurse Aspen Brooks Tests Naughty Patient"

Latex wearing, super in charge nurse Aspen Brooks is not happy with patient DJ at all. You see, he was given very clear and very explicit instructions to just wait in the room and not go snooping through what is in the the room itself. Well, there are just a ton of interesting medical implements in there and he just could not resist checking things out. Nurse Brooks caught him and wow, she is mad about him violating the sterility of those medical devices so she decides to take it out on his cock and balls. He has a mousetrap put on his dick and balls and then a lucite ball flattener is put on his nutsack. Ah, America has the best healthcare system in the fucking world. She drags a wartenberg wheel across his cock shaft and eventually decides that it is time for him to service her superior girl cock. Brooks is fucking gorgeous in this.

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Kink.

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