Sofia Bun Gets Rescued and Fucked By Big Dicked Super Ramon Over at Trans 500

October 3, 2019 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

Sofia Is Saved and Sodomized! Hooray!

Mild mannered citizen Ramon is walking around and minding his own business when he sees a missing poster for pale, hot blonde Sofia Bun in their brand new scene together over at Trans 500. He knows that he must save this beauty from harm so he quickly transforms into Super Ramon, a superhero in with an Afro and a very green bodysuit. He flies right to her and finds her out in the middle of nowhere in the woods. She had been lost while hiking three days ago and she was in desperate need of his help.

Bun wants to show Super Ramon her gratitude for him saving her life so he whisks them both away to a bedroom somewhere so that she can get to pleasuring him. He rejoices in how thick her ass is and how she already has a bit of a baby gape going. He fucks her throat and then her thick, round ass with his big cock and she loves getting her ass opened up more and more in this scene. Go watch it all!

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