Self Pleasure

July 15, 2011 | Posted in Editorial Features by lux-alptraum

Self PleasureI've always been somewhat of a wank-fiend.  I'm an engineer by nature and have done everything imaginable to get myself off.  Let me share with you one of my recently devised methods.  I have a lot of 1cm stainless steel balls, like several pounds of them, from a large GeoMag magnetic stick and ball construction set, acquired during my bored office dweller phase (before I started working from home and looking at smut all day).  I also have a fairly shallow after-market vagina with a limited capacity, and a somewhat tight opening.  I love the feeling of being filled to absolute fullness, and this has become one of my favorite ways to be filled up.

I take a seat at my desk, in my comfy leather office chair in front of the computer.  On the screen is something stimulating, some erotica by one of my favorite bloggers, or maybe some good amateur porn on FleshBot.  I might be nude, or I might be wearing a loose fitting but sexy skirt/dress outfit, depending on my mood.  I put my feet up on the edge of my desk and scoot my hips forward in my chair so I have a good view of what I'm doing.  I start lightly rubbing with a finger at the top of my slit, right above my clit.  It puts pressure on the nerves in my clit and the remaining stump of pudendal nerve tissue from where my penis used to be.  It's funny, my clit is very very sensitive to touch, but the pudendal nerve stump is only pressure sensitive, yet when stimulated it gives me my strongest orgasms.  It also helps initiate the engorgement of my vulva, which causes the tiny bit of erectile tissue beneath my clit to swell and make it more sensitive.  It's like an initialization routine, if I don't to that first, things just won't feel as good.

Once I'm properly wet and warmed up, I slide a finger into my vagina and start slowly working it back and forth.  A second finger joins in, and then a third, maybe with some extra lube.  By this point I'm really wound up.  I take a condom and work it into my cunt with my fingers, it helps with cleanup and doesn't seem to reduce the sensations.  I pick up a few of the little steel balls and start to feed them into the opening of my vagina.  They are very heavy, cool to the touch, and feel amazing as they slide into my pussy.  A few at a time, pushing them in as far as they'll go, squirming and writhing in my seat as I start to fill up.  More and more, pushing against them to pack them in as tightly as possible.  My wiggling around makes them shift inside me, I feel the pressure against my prostate and the nerves under my clit.  The waves of pleasure start to radiate over my body, the feeling is intense.  It's quite different from being filled up with a dildo or a funny shaped vibrator, the pressure is irregular and they move around continuously with my own movements.  As I reach the point where I can't put in another ball without another one popping out, the intensity of the sensation is overwhelming.  I close my legs tightly, a finger still working at the top of my clit.   I start to squeeze my vagina around the balls with my pelvic muscles, writhing and twitching, moaning softly, breath shallow and in gasps.  My orgasm builds, I feel it like a balloon reaching its bursting point.  As it unleashes and takes over my body, spasms wrack my being, my mind is floating, my eyes blur, and I cry out.  "Oh my fucking god, holy shit, mother of fuck, mmnnh, mmnnh, oh god, oh sweet christ on a peg, holy shit"  A good orgasm has a tendency to illicit vulgarities and obscenities from my mouth.

The first time I did this, I didn't use a condom, and had trouble getting the last few balls to come out.  They were in there good, just out of reach of my fingers, and not responding to my jumping up and down, stretching, and various contortions to try and get them out.  I had to take a couple of the magnetic sticks from the toy set and use them to retrieve the remaining balls from my vagina.   That was an interesting scene, I was very glad to be playing solo.  I was pretty sure that I had gotten them all out, but since I had not taken a count, I couldn't be sure.  I had to go in for an MRI about a month later, and there was a brief moment of concern when I remembered my recent activities.  I definitely didn't want to try and explain why a steel ball all of a sudden rocketed out of my twat as I entered the room, but all was well and no strange explanations necessary.

Republished with permission from Nails by Natasha. Want to see your true tale of lust on Fleshbot? Contact us. Photo by John B. Root.

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