Five Reasons Why I Loved Being in "My Dad’s TS Girlfriend", by Mandy Mitchell

March 28, 2017 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

Mandy Is Marvelous!

Beautiful trans star Mandy Mitchell stars in the title role in Transsensual/Mile High Media's "My Dad's TS Girlfriend 2", directed by AVN Hall of Famer Dana Vespoli. An MMA fighter has a sexual awakening after an injury pushes him down the road of self-discovery in this interesting feature.

 "All my co stars were so hot. Everyone in this production was just so dang sexy, from my scene partners Jaxton Wheeler and Mike Panic to the other co-stars Venus Lux, Geo, and Tori Mayes - all just such babes and such lovely people to spend a few days making a movie with. I’m such a lesbian I wanted to bang Venus and Tori too…"

"I love working for Dana Vespoli. I really love working for Dana and being on her productions. The vibe on set is always super chill, lighthearted, and there is a level of creativity that goes into her shoots that is really satisfying for me as a performer."

"I enjoyed the extensive role play/acting. This feature I ended up acting a considerable amount more than I normally do in most porn scenes. After years of being so gung ho about pushing the limits with my physical performances as a hardcore performer, it actually has been challenging and fun to do roles that involve a little more psychological buildup and exposition."

"I got to switch! Day 1 shoot with Jaxton Wheeler, I played his dad's girlfriend who he has conflicts with that ends in sex and I was a total bottom and got pounded by Jaxton. Day 2 though, I was in a completely different role as a dominant top seducing her massage therapist to get a piece of his asshole. In my everyday life, I am a switch, sexually speaking, so it was really nice to be in a movie that allowed me to excel at both. :)"

"They let me play the fancy piano. I was so excited when I showed up on day 2 and the location had a beautiful piano there. I bugged people to let me play in between scenes and they ended up incorporating it into the movie, which was kind of cool. I was in between instruments at the time and hadn’t played in months, so it really was in some ways just as satisfying as sex to me when it happened."

All of the images here appear courtesy of Transsensual/Mile High Media. Follow Mitchell on Twitter to keep up with her sexy world and click right here to watch "My Dad's TS Girlfriend 2" right now!

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