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April 11, 2018 | Posted in Pornstars by nhope

Stop Press: A new site,, launched this week aimed at archiving red carpet events, parties, club nights and more from the transsexual adult world.   We caught up with Kristel Penn to ask her what this site was about.

Fleshbot :  So Kristel, why this site?

Kristel Penn :  We've been running the Transgender Erotica Awards for 10 years, and we have this incredible archive of content that doesn't have a home.  We've had other events, and we sponsor club nights with Jamie's Tgirl Nights in Long Beach,  with different bars in NYC, London, and Los Angeles over the years and it's a shame that this content can't be seen.

FB:  Where do you get the photos from, are they hired photographers?

KP:  All red carpet events have photographers and we have had some work for us, we also have some amazing photographers who do it as a hobby.  Almost every club you go to will have a photographer on staff, so we've collected these together and got permission to show them.  All the photographers are credited, and you can even search by their names so they have their own 'portfolios'.

FB : We can see you have all the 2017 and 2018 photos up, how far back are you able to go?

KP : As far back as we can get content.  We have some content that needs re-scanning as it's from the 90's and early-2000's so pre-digital.  We're going to reach out to photographers and organizers we know and try to get content.  Our aim is to keep this as an online archive and history of trans orientated events.  We don't know what the future will hold but there are already less trans bar and club nights than there used to be.   Girls come and go,  styles and looks change and I think it's important that if the content is there, that we keep a record of it.   It also allows people to go back and relive a little of events they attended and hopefully encourage those who have not yet attended events to think about coming to a bar, or show.

FB :  Where are most of the events?

KP :  Right now, most of the scene seems to be West Coast.  There are trans parties in NYC and Florida as there are all across the US but the ones which we have access to which are more adult industry related are in LA or Las Vegas.   We hope to be able to encourage more places worldwide to publish their photos here.

FB : So you mean anyone with photographs from trans clubs and bars can get involved?

KB :  Yes, as long as they have permission and own the copyright to the photos, they can contact us and we'll give them access to upload and promote their nights and clubs.   We've even spaces for banners and links back to their websites so they can promote their nights.  We want to be as inclusive and as international as possible.

FB :  Has anyone complained that they didn't want their photo up there?

KB : Not yet but we do have a system in there so people can contact us for either removal or if they're part of the image, then we'll block their faces out.  We don't want to embarrass anyone or show them in a bad light, the website is for the celebration of trans people and their life - hence, Tgirl Life!

FB : Thanks Kristel, we look forward to seeing more!

KB : Come back in a few months, I think there will be a lot more to see.

Welcome to TGirl Life! 


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