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Gia Darling’s Italian Transsexual Job 12


    Genre: Transsexual

    Director: Gia Darling

    Cast: Sabrina Vienna, Mirella, Monica Yatarazzo, Melanie Rikhan, Jasmine, Zoe Azuli

    Length: 146 minutes

    Dates of Production: ?

    Extras: There is a good looking photo gallery, several trailers, cumshot recap, and website information.  

    Condoms: Yes

    Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.

    Overview: Gia Darling's Italian Transsexual Job 12 is the twelfth installment in this series by director Gia Darling and her production company Gia Darling Entertainment. This sexy star has been making her own films since 2000. Some of her best sellilng titles are Tranny Overload, Gialicious 2, Gia Darling Salutes America, and Transsexual Heartbreakers 19.
    Scene One: Mirella pours lotion on her already hard and pointed up dick. She rubs it a bit before a guy appears to suck it. She gets on top of the table so that she can be positioned higher.  His bj delivery is a good one. However, when it is Mirella's turn to give head, the turn-on factor increases. Both of their dicks are big. The tranny deep throats him with ease and continues to apply good attention to his manhood. Then, Mirella straddles his face to receive good oral action on her snatch. Later, she rides him reverse cowgirl style nicely. The guy sucks her dick and balls even better afterwards. A cowgirl ride by the man occurs next. The better screwing moments occur when Mirella fucks him from behind. It looked more intense. In the end, the tranny strokes herself off at his receptive mouth and then, the guy cums on her chest.

    Scene Two: Jasmine shows off her butt at the camera while wearing a very short white skirt. Then, she shows off her titties a bit before stroking her dick at the camera. Moments later, her fella joins her and sucks her pecker. While he was performing that task well, I enjoyed looking at her body. He shoves his face deep into her snatch afterwards as he was an active oral pleaser. Then, Jasmine is quite busy with her own cocksucking method. I like that this beauty is quite exotic looking. She does a nice job in eating him from behind too although she isn't as energetic as him when he was doing it earlier. Suddenly, Jasmine slides her dick into him for a doggie. Their standing fuck from behind provides solid energy as the tranny really fucks him good. As the guy rides her, both performers are giving good fucking efforts. Then, Jasmine cums on his nipple. The man sucks her dick briefly before he cums on her breast and pointy nipple.   

    Scene Three: Melanie Rikhan is in a photo shoot. She poses a while with her hard dick. When the woman pours some lotion on the tip of her dick, I got very turned on. Melanie strokes it a bit and sucks on a butt plug. Suddenly, the tranny slides it inside of her. Moments later, the guy joins her and sucks her cock consistently while the item remains in her ass. I got very turned on while watching him give head. Afterwards, a butt plug is used on the guy by Melanie a bit. Then, the man places a condom on the tranny's dick in order for the cock ride. In this scene, I enjoyed watching both of them fuck each other since both of them gave solid driven efforts especially during her fuck from behind screw and his mish delivery. He ends up tasting her cum.

    Scene Four: Sabrina Vienna teases the camera by caressing her breasts and sucking her finger. Her focus goes to her hard dick where she strokes it well. The attractive tranny then is met by a guy who makes out with her. Soon, he is sucking on her tits and fondling her body. More energetic titty sucking by him occurs. Then, he places that energy on her dick. That good oral workout is then followed by her own blow job display. Sabrina looked very sexy as she was admiring the man's oral pleasuring behavior. Next, the woman gets mished by him. I enjoyed watching him have a good hold of her dick. Later, he does a swell job in sucking her balls while providing good eye contact with Sabrina. The man rides her cowgirl style afterwards. Next, she looks quite appealing while fucking him. The scene ends with her shooting her load on his face.  

    Scene Five: Tranny Monica Yatarazzo is in a photo shoot with  Zoe Azuli. They are playful and quite touchy feely. The cocksucking activity begins when the attractive brunette sucks the tranny's dick. Meanwhile, Monica is sucking the man's cock. This oral session lasts a while as everyone gets to suck a penis. I got very turned on by watching Zoe. Later, the guy fucks Zoe while she is giving head to the tranny. A doggie screw by the tranny on the woman follows as Zoe sucks the man's pecker. The energy level is good throughout this scene. It was hot to see Zoe get fucked in the ass during the bouncy reverse cock ride. The man gets fucked in the ass next while Zoe sucks his cock. Monica then rides the guy's cock as Zoe gives good head to the tranny. In the end, Monica cums.                  

    Final Thoughts: The best parts of this film is the three-way session and Sabrina Vienna. Along with Melanie Rikhan, they provide the most energy. I really liked Jasmine's exotic appearance too. If you are looking for a good tranny sex movie with foreign trannies, then rent this one.

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