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I Kill It TS Volume 2


    Genre: Transsexual

    Director: Josh Stone

    Cast: Ariel Everts,Pamela Falcos, Barbara Paes, Madeline, Andrea, Ramon, Castro Supreme

    Length: 99 minutes 

    Extras: There are several trailers.  

    Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. 

    Condoms: Yes

    Overview: I Kill It TS 2 is the second title to this series from director Josh Stone's newly formed studio Trans 500 Studios. His films will focus on transsexuals. From a press release dated May 17, 2013, Mr. Stone stated "“For the past year I have been working on what I believe will be some of the top transsexual content in the industry," Stone said. "I have traveled all over the world shooting fresh new transsexual faces as well as veterans in this genre. I have obtained the services of male performer Ramon, who is well known in the industry...” People should check out his films from this studio I Kill It TS and Trans At Play.
    Scene One: Barbara Paes teases the camera by removing her bikini top and caressing her breasts in a playful and fun manner. When she turns around to show her backside, the tranny looks very hot. She turns around again and starts to strokes her meaty package. Unfortunately, her solo play was not long enough. We see Ramon caressing her boobs while standing behind her. Afterwards, Barbara is on her knees while sucking his dick with good playfulness and focus. The tranny rides him for a while while rubbing her own meaty plaything. I enjoyed watching Barbara stroke herself and ride him with good conviction. You can tell that she loves to have a cock inside of her. Just by watching her energy, the viewers get easily excited. It's high energy stuff. I was impressed that her cock ride got even faster. When it was time for Ramon to fuck her missionary style with that long dick of his, he applied a very good and driven motion. Barbara's butt was creaming. Their totally hot performance ends when Ramon cums on her ass.
    Scene Two: After Madeline and Ramon meet at night, they head to his place where Ramon caresses her ass in front of the sofa. Moments later, the woman is stroking his cock as some of her clothes are removed. Soon, Madeline does a good job in giving him head. I especially enjoyed watching her stroke him while sucking orally working on his balls. During the POV shots, her bj play is stimulating. Next, the woman fingers her asshole briefly before Ramon doggies her on the red couch. The energy of their screw is good. The air in the atmosphere felt stuffy during the cowgirl and spooning sessions. You can tell that they are trying hard to deliver a solidly hot fuck. His stroking delivery becomes more heated with the mish activity as he is able to hold Madeline's right leg for better leverage. Finally, Ramon removes his condom and jacks off on her butt.
    Scene Three: Andrea needs help with her lap top and Ramon comes over to solve all of her problems. She shows off her appreciation by disrobing and showing her amazingly beautiful body to him. The happy and grateful man shakes her butt. Then, he rubs some oil on her backside to make it shiny. Later, Andrea sucks his cock. I like the way her head moves from side to side during each sucking motion. A spooning screw follows by Ramon and then, a doggie. Their scene ends with him cumming on her butt.
    Scene Four: Ramon is in the indoor hot tub when blonde cutie Pamela Falcos stands next to it. This devilish tease shows off her butt and tits. After more playful behavior by the tranny occurs, the guy comes out of the water and joins her. He sprays some oil on her ass and makes it shiny. He also gets her big boobs shiny too. A nice amount of booby jiggling by Ramon is shown. A cock suck by Pamela occurs. A heated doggie fuck follows with some very good fucking by Ramon. A cowgirl ride is shown next with Ramon pumping her hard a times. Also, Pamela also humps him good too. Her moans continue to resonate in my ears. A solid spooning screw follows. An even more exciting cock ride by the tranny occurs next. Suddenly, we see Ramon stroking off on her tits.
    Scene Five: Ariela Everts, Castro Supreme, and Ramon enter the place and stand in the living room. She caresses their crotches a bit before she actually sees and rubs their meaty manhoods. Then, her pants and panties are off and the men caress her ass momentarily. Soon, Ariela is on her knees and sucking their big dicks. At times, the woman orally pleasures them at the same time. The trio are having a good time. Their play time shifts onto the bed where the guys stand on it while Ariela continues her blow job work. Soon, Ramon fucks her while the beautiful tranny sucks her fella's dick. Ramon fucks her hard at times. His screwing delivery continued to be quite rapid at times throughout this scene. Later, Castro gets to fuck Ariela. I especially enjoyed watching the tranny suck Ramon's cock. We can tell that Ramon is enjoying it a lot. Their three-way performance is pretty hot. I wanted to be a part of it. In the end, Ramon cums on her mouth. Then, the very good fucker Castro cums on the woman's body.  
    Final Thoughts: This film has pretty hot sex. Barbara Paes loves fucking. Madeline and Ariela Everts are super hot. Pamela Falcos likes to take it good too. You can't go wrong with this group of trannies. The three-way action was my favorite since she sucked Ramon's dick and got her mouth plastered by his white goo. I also enjoyed Castro Supreme. I Kill It TS 2 is a recommended gem. Trans 500 Studios has a bright future. 

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