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Ladyboy Long Legs 3


    Genre: Transsexual

    Director: Darren Morgan

    Cast: Ja, Juy, New, Lidia

    Length: 170 minutes

    Extras: A photo gallery, several trailers, a cumshot recap, and web information.

    Condoms: None

    Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

    Overview: Ladyboy Long Legs 3 is the third installment to this series that focuses on feet and long legs of transsexuals. For lovers of feet and legs, this series is a must see especially for those tranny fans. Performers Ja, Juy, Lidia, and New are amazing sex hotties who will make lots of fans.

    Scene One: Very pretty Ja is wearing a dress and black heels. Her stud is laying on the couch as she rubs the bottom of her heel on his dick. The close-up shots of the rubbing activity are cool. Later, the tranny is pressing his balls with her two heels. It leads to some nice hand stroking action by her. The guy also slaps his long dick on her heels at times. For fans who are into feet fetish action, this scene is starting out well. Then, Ja sticks his cock into her heel and rubs it. Soon, we see a very tight close-up of her foot as her stud rubs it with his hand and kisses it. Then, he slaps his dick on her foot. Afterwards, Ja is rubbing his dick with it. It leads to her rubbing his sexual package with both of her feet. It looks pretty hot. I like how she increases her rubbing speed. Later, the woman is rubbing his chest with her feet. Later, the cocksucking action takes place as soon as the man removes Ja's red panties. It's a good turn-on. Some dick on dick fucking action follows. The scene really becomes more exciting when Ja performs the cocksucking activities. Then, the fucking action takes place when the stud fucks Ja in the ass missionary style. The tranny remains so attractive throughout their performance. You really want to fuck her so badly. His screwing rhythm is steady at first. I really got turned on watching her get fucked in the spooning position as they kiss. The man fucks her deeper. A reverse cowgirl ride occurs next, but the shots of her cowgirl ride were hotter. A mish follows with Ja on the couch. She sucks the guy's toes while getting fucked. The camera does a fine job in panning her body during this final exciting mish session. Ja eventually strokes herself off. A doggie screw follows. In the end, he cums inside of her. Then, we see the beautiful long-leggy woman taking a shower.

    Scene Two: Juy is teasing the camera by running her hand along her breasts as the camera is panning her long legs. Soon, a guy appears and rubs his dick along her black heel and foot. Afterwards, they kiss pretty affectionately before he removes her red pants. Then, their kissing session resumes as Juy strokes his dick. Next, the woman is his dick in between her two feet. I like how she plays with his long cock. Afterwards, Juy sucks the guy's cock. Her bj actions are really hot. Some titty rubbing occurs too. However, the scene feels quite erotic and personal when Juy sucks on his toes and we also see the dick on dick play. The cocksucking action by the man also provides a personal tone to their performance. The spooning session looks romantic and Juy looks very pretty. Their scene heats up nicely during the reverse cowgirl moments. There is some effective fucking going on. It really picks up the pace when Juy turns around for the cowgirl ride. The guy then, holds her around his waist to continue to fuck her. A doggie occurs on the couch later and then, a nice looking mish which leads to the cream pie. Afterwards, we see Juy taking a very soapy shower.

    Scene Three: Sexy Lidia walks into the shot and grabs her fella's feet and sucks them. The man continues the foot play as he runs them on her face. Afterwards, a passionate and personal blow job by the tranny follows. One can definitely tell that Lidia is into the moment and wants to pleasure her fella so well. Some dick play occurs next as the woman has her feet and black heels sandwiched on his penis. The rubbing action occurs when her shoes are off. Later, the man is rubbing her tits with his own feet before he sucks her dick with good effort. Some nice looking dick on dick fucking action occurs. Then, a good passionate mish fuck follows on Lidia. It has pretty good turn-on moments. The spooning activity increases the energy level of the action. The cowgirl rides follow and Lidia rides him well. The doggie screw looks more intense as Lidia's facial expressions are very emotional looking. Later, she looks even hotter during the mish action. It leads to the very creamy cream pie moment. Afterwards, the man jacks her off. The attractive woman takes a shower in the end.

    Scene Four: New is on the bed with sexy strapless heels on. Her fella begins to play with her toes and soon, removes her shoes. He rubs them and spanks them. There is a good amount of foot worship by the man before we get to see New suck on his dick. I like the very tight close-up shots of the bj action. When the man sucks her cock, he reapplies more lotion on her feet. However, when the close-up shots of his applied bj are shown, I was not into it much. Later, the man fucks New mish style. The screwing moments heat up during their spooning session. Next, New rides him with a very good effort and pace. I like how it looks. After the reverse cowgirl moments, a cool and heated doggie fuck follows. He really unloads his cum inside of her. Later, we see New taking a shower.

    Final Thoughts: I was very surprised at how good this film ended up to be. The foot fetish moments felt hot. I was quite surprised at how gorgeous the four trannies appear on screen. All four of them would make a guy want to fuck them pretty hard. For tranny fans, there is a good amount of fuck for your buck action here. I can't wait to see more of Ja, Juy, Lidia, and New in the future. I recommend this tranny foot fetish film.


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