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TS Playground 5


    Genre: Transsexual

    Director: Jay Sin

    Cast: Sarina Valentina, Mandy Mitchell, Jenna Rachels, Tori Lux, Danni Daniels, Valentina Bittencourt, Gabriella Lira, Gladys Adriane, Alex Victor, Max Scar, Spencer Fox

    Length: 206 minutes

    Date of Production: ?

    Extras: This section has a nice  looking photo galleries, cumshot recap, trailers, filmographies, cast list, website information, and an EvilAngel.com preview.  

    Condoms: None

    Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.

    Overview: TS Playground 5 is a film by director Jay Sin and the studio Evil Angel. This installment is the fifth episode of this very good tranny series. It has several hot looking transsexual performers like covergirl Sabrina Valentine, Gladys Adriane, and Jenna Rachels. We also have female performer Tori Lux in a three-way. Fan favorite and superstar Mandy Mitchell is a part of that three-some. Once again, director Jay Sin gives the viewers an effective mix of performing treats.

    Scene One: Sarina Valentina is one of the best tranny performers in this industry. In her yellow outfit, she playfully pulls in the viewers with her fun persona and the purple rubbery dildo that she sucks on. I like her cute smile and sexy moves. When we see her breasts, the guys' mouths will open suddenly. The pretty woman's lengthy solo performance is totally hot. Then, the scene shifts to where we see her taking out a guy's cock to suck it. Sarina's body looks quite appealing as she has her knees on the floor and the camera shoots her from the side. Afterwards, the beautiful woman is standing so the Spencer Fox can taste her warm snatch before the tranny turns around to receive some cocksucking stimuli. This already huge turn-on performance gets even hotter when Sarina orally massages the man's dick with her mouth as well as with her yummy tits. Afterwards, she rides him cowgirl style and then, reverse cowgirl style. The reverse method provides good penile-anal shots. Her face looks so adorable while she gets doggied. A very good mish screw follows that leads to a good time-consuming jacking off session by both performers.   
    Scene Two: Sexy siren Gladys Adriane is standing in front of a mirror. She performs her tease by acknowledging both herself as well as the camera. She is another performer who can make a guy hard so easily just by her gorgeous body. We get good butt shots as she proceeds with her seductive performance. When she sits down, the focus turns to her dick and the self-pleasuring session begins. Despite how much energy and effort Gladys applies, the major turn-on quality is her body. All of the other stuff is appreciative fluff. In the end, the pretty woman makes herself cum.   
    Scene Three: Valentina Bittencourt grinds nicely on the floor during her tease. I wish it was more time-consuming though. Then, Alex Victor grabs her dick and sucks on it. He is a driven cocksucker and asshole eater. I can't blame him since I would be so turned on to pleasure a sexy and beautiful woman like Valentina well. The scene gets even hotter when the tranny gives head. When she gets fucked, her face shows good emotion throughout their performance. I was quite pleased to see the tranny fuck Alex afterwards. She really looks good and confident at this role. Her face showed the most playful expressions while doggying him. Overall, this scene is very hot regardless which person is getting fucked. Both cumshots land on Alex.
    Scene Four: Some brief teasing action is shown before Tori Lux gives head to Mandy Mitchell. The woman is on her hands and knees while Mandy is on the sofa. Some kissing action also occurs. Then, Mandy gets to suck the lady's asshole and feel her snatch. While the pair are fooling around on the sofa, Danni Daniels joins in on the fun. She and Mandy get to fool around with Tori a while before any screwing action occurs. A lot of time is spent by the two trannies on Tori's asshole. Then, the woman gets to orally and manually pleasure their dicks a while before Mandy fingerfucks Tori. Later on, she uses a butt plug on her. As soon as Mandy has had enough fun with Tori, she assists her in pleasuring Danni's dick. Then, Tori remains in the center spot as Danni gets to fuck Tori's butthole with a toy and Tori starts to suck on Mandy's meaty plaything. Later on, Tori remains the center of attention as she rides Danni. I especially enjoyed watching Tori get mouthfucked by her later on as Danni is standing on the sofa and Tori is sitting on the floor. She also ends up cumming on Tori and Mandy's faces. Mandy ends up cumming on herself.
    Scene Five: Gabriella Lira teases the camera in light lime colored dress. This petite cutie does a nice job seducing the audience. Later, we see Max Scar kiss her and suck her breast. He does a good job sucking her cock. However, when the tranny applies her bj antics, it looks pretty stimulating and mesmerizing. More back and forth cocksucking action follows before Gabriella gets fucked doggie style. I enjoyed the missionary and reverse cowgirl moments the most since her cute body was showcased well and we also got to see her facial expressions. This good scene ends with her cumming on herself and him cumming on her.
    Scene Six: Pretty Jenna Rachels keeps her focus on the camera and the viewers well as she uses her body to seduce them. I enjoyed seeing her slide off her panties and play with herself. Her pink undergarments look pretty on her. She gives us very good ass shots as Jenna plays with her asshole. Later, Spencer Fox enters the scene and focuses on her ass and snatch. You can tell that the tranny likes the feeling of his work. A good lengthy cocksuck is applied by her afterwards. Next, Jenna's body looks nice while getting fucked from behind. Good emotion by her is shown during the mish moments. After more screwing action on her and cocksucking activity by her, the man cums on her snatch.   
    Final Thoughts: Having just reviewed the fourth installment to this series, I can easily say that this one continues the high level of seductive sexual action and eye candy stimuli like the last one. I was quite pleased and surprised to see gorgeous Gladys Adriane. She deserves to be big in this genre. Perhaps, her time is now. Sarina Valentina deserves her covergirl status as she remains one of the best performers. The three-way session with Tori Lux, Mandy Mitchell, and Danni Daniels provides a lot of energy. I would not had expected anything less since Mandy is in it. Overall, I highly recommend this film.     

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