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TS Girlfriend Experience 3


    Genre: Transsexual

    Director: Josh Stone

    Cast: Vaniity, Tyra Scott, Natassia Dreams, Sunshyne Monroe, Bianka

    Length: 121 minutes 

    Extras: None  

    Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. 

    Condoms: Yes

    Trailer: Here is the link to the official NSFW trailer http://trans500studios.com/fichadvd.php?iddvd=8#playtrailer

    Overview: TS Girlfriend Experience 3 is the third installment to this very good series from director Josh Stone and his production company Trans500 Studios. In this episode, each transsexual performer is an escort who arrives at her appointment for the tryst. Three scenes were shot in Barcelona, Spain and two were filmed in Las Vegas.    

    Scene One: Natassia Dreams receives a call while sitting in the plaza in Barcelona, Spain. She heads to her escort appointment. When she arrives at the hotel room, the tranny and the man talk a bit before payment is made. While in the bathroom, Natassia counts the dough and gets her self prepared. When she returns in her fishnet stocking, bra, and panties, the guy fondles her butt and tits. All of this activity leads to them getting naked so that the woman can concentrate on the passionate blow job delivery. I like Natassia's energy and chemistry that she has with him. Her lengthy bj will definitely keep you hard. Afterwards, the woman is riding him cowgirl style as we get to watch her big bubble butt and their solid humping delivery in action. I got more turned on when Natassia rode him reverse cowgirl style since her hot body was showcased nicely. I also enjoyed watching her dick move around. Her body was at a better vantage point when the guy spooned her. The screwing activity got more intense during the doggie session where the tranny got fucked very hard. Their very good scene ends with him cumming on her neck.
    Scene Two: Sexy Vaniity arrives at the condo to meet her customer. The escort receives her money and goes to the bathroom to call in and to change into a sexy outfit. As soon as she returns, the guy feels her body and starts to kiss her shoulders. The atmosphere in the room becomes stuffy. I got very turned on watching him suck on the escort's tasty snatch. Her moans sounded hot. It's enough to want to fuck her so badly right there and now. However, they have more patience than me. Vaniity sucks his dick for a while. The best part of this session is seeing her beautiful body. Then, the intensity increases when they start the screwing action. However, I was disappointed that Vaniity was wearing her blue bustier which covered her amazing body. Nevertheless, her moans continued to sound emotional especially during the doggie fuck. During a cool looking spooning screw, Vaniity strokes herself off. Then, the man continues with his fucking delivery until he cums on her face.  
    Scene Three: In Vegas, beautiful Tyra Scott arrives at her escort appointment. During their conversation, the man gives her a Scottish outfit to put on for his fantasy tryst. While the woman is in the bathroom, I got very turned on watching her put it on. When Tyra rejoins him in the living room, it does not take long until he has his hands all over her. It was interesting that he undressed her so quickly since I would had liked to have seen the tranny in the outfit much longer. As soon as she got him naked, Tyra started to suck his dick with much effort and horniness. Next, we see the pretty escort in doggie position on the sofa as the man is sucking on her snatch. Then, he slides his dick into her slowly. We get some creaming action on the man's dick when Tyra rides him reverse cowgirl style. As their performance progressed on, I enjoyed the contrasting skin tones of the pair. His blackness and her paleness are hot. Tyra is the type of woman who you would want to fuck so badly. I really enjoyed watching them jerk off while they are laying beside each other. Tyra makes herself squirm several times from her own jack off. He eventually cums on her face.   
    Scene Four: Sunshyne Monroe arrives at the hotel room for her escort appointment. After some brief chit chat, the guy pays her and she heads off to the bathroom. She counts the money and calls the agency to check in. While she is getting ready, the man enters the room and they immediately make out. Her sexy black outfit is hot as she is on the sink. They take their tryst to the couch where the good kissing activity continues. I like the slower pace as compared to the other scenes in this film. In a way, it feels a bit personal. There is no doubt that the room feels stuffy. It feels erotic when he slowly undresses her. A nice looking bj follows with some good POV shots. Sunshyne's body receives a hot and steady workout afterwards as she has a good firm hold of her own dick. Finally, she jacks off on herself while he cums on her nice tits.   
    Scene Five: We are back in Barcelona. Bianka is seen teasing the camera. Soon, we see her giving head to her fella. Her lengthy cock suck is a huge turn-on and very stimulating. Afterwards, I loved watching her jiggly butt before the screwing activity began with the slow paced cowgirl rides. Despite the lack of energy, Bianka is so pretty that her eye candy appeal is high. The energy level is pick up a bit with the fuck from behind moments. I really enjoyed her cute wiggly humping effort too. After the missionary fuck, Bianka licks his balls before he cums on her chest.     
    Final Thoughts: I enjoyed this film since it gave a good representation of how an escort situation occurs in the room between the customer and the woman. I especially like seeing the trannies change into their outfits in the bathroom. The top scenes are the Vaniity, Sunshyne Monroe, and Natassia Dreams performances. All of them provided a good stuffy atmosphere and intense fucking. Meanwhile, Tyra Scott and Bianka provided very good eye candy and jacking off appeal. TS Girlfriend Experience 3 is a recommended treat.

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