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Secret Desires


    Genre: Transsexual

    Director/Writer: Nica Noelle

    Cast: Eva Lin, Jane Marie, Amy Daly, Natalie Foxx, Texas Doll, Wolf Hudson, Christian XXX, Robert Axel

    Length: 131 minutes

    Date of Production: ?

    Extras: This section has a good Behind the Scenes (BTS) segment, bloopers, and trailers. I learned a good amount of information in the BTS interview of Christian, Jane Marie, and Doll. The very brief bloopers segment has good silly moments.     

    Condoms: Yes

    Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.

    Overview: Secret Desires is a film by award-winning director Nica Noelle and her studio TransRomantic Films. This production is Nica's second one to delve into the transsexual genre. Her first one Forbidden Lovers has gained much praise with fans and critics. It won Best DVD at this year's Tranny Awards. At this year's AVN Awards, Nica won the Best New Line award for her trio of production lines (Hard Candy Film, Girl Candy Films, and TransRomantic) that she has partnered with AEBN. Now, it's time to focus on Secret Desires. This film has four separate storylines with only four sex scenes. Some of the performers are among the top tier of transsexual stars that we have in the business. It is led by my top 2012 Transsexual Performer of the Year Amy Daly. 2011 Top Newcomer Eva Lin and 2012 Top Newcomer Jane Marie are also included in this film. At this year's Tranny Awards, Jane Marie won three trophies including Shemale Yum Model of the Year.

    Scene One: Wolf Hudson is waiting to meet his best friend at a cafe. He has not seen him for many years. When pretty Eva Lin shows up, she tells Wolf that she is his best pal. Of course, the man does not believe her. However, it does not take long for Wolf to accept the drastic change of his friend. Eva and Wolf talk a bit before they head off for a drink. Later that night, the two best pals are in Eva's room. Their conversation leads to a hug and then, some kissing activity. Later, we see the attractive tranny lay on the bed while Wolf removes her panties and begins sucking on her dick. He applies a nice looking oral massage on it as his head goes up and down in between her thighs. Afterwards, Eva is seen sucking on Wolf's meaty plaything solidly. However, it's their kissing moments that provide the personal chemistry between them. A solid fuck from behind screw on Eva follows as the woman is laying on her stomach. I enjoyed watching him fuck her deeper and harder with a lot of solid fucking. One of my most favorable moments occur when Eva sucks cock. After some back and forth cocksucking action by both performers, Wolf mishes the woman. Later, Eva strokes herself off while Wolf has his finger up her ass. Then, Wolf cums on her.      

    Scene Two: Very successful and hard working attorney Christian XXX hires an escort for the night. He asks her to give him a back massage. The woman applies a nice one which generates a sweet tone to the scene. The man's body looks very appealing. Later, the tender loving care escort applies soft kisses on the back of his neck. When she becomes more passionate with him, Christian rolls over and kisses the woman. Moments later, he recognizes Natalie Foxx as his secretary. The makeout session stops momentarily so that the guy can clear his head for a moment before Natalie persuades him to continue. The atmosphere in the room is personal as the pair kiss. Later, we see the pretty tranny orally pamper the guy's nice looking cock while Christian watches her and takes it all in. I loved watching Natalie act so affectionate with his dick and his body. We can tell by looking at the woman on how much in love she is with him. The very sexy and sensual scene does not lose any momentum when it is time for Christian to pleasure his partner. He sucks her dick pretty nicely and kisses her body gently. The close-up anal-penile shots of Natalie's missionary screw looked raw and mesmerizing. There was very good eye contact during the steady cowgirl ride. After a juicy looking cocksuck by Natalie, she receives a romantic spoonful of sugar moment. The body language between Christian and Natalie is sexy. Later on, both of them are stroking themselves as they are cuddling. Natalie cums first and then, Christian drops his cum droplets on her dick as this most likely award-nominating performance comes to a close.         

    Scene Three: Nanny Amy Daly and Robert Axel make out right before she leaves for the evening. The scene feels nice. While on the bed, Amy gets on top of him. It does not last long until the man of the house takes charge and sucks the tranny's dick. I enjoyed watching Amy take her pleasure in. Minutes later, Robert kisses his way up the woman's body. Then, the pair exchange positions. Now, Amy has taken the lead as she strokes the guy's cock while they kiss. A cock suck occurs moments later. She applies some attention to his balls. A cowgirl ride and spooning session occurs. The spooning activity has the most turn-on factor. Next, the steady and enjoyable missionary screw puts a smile on Amy's face. However, she loses that smile during the more intense doggie moments. In the end, Robert pulls out and cums on her tailbone. Amy regains her smile when they kiss.

    Scene Four: Christian XXX has been dumped by his lady. Doll and Jane Marie join the depressed man at the bar. The trio agree to hang together for the night. Later, we see them in a room where they have already begun to make out. The sight of the handsome man and his two strikingly beautiful women are hot. They generate pretty good anticipatory heat as the two beauties run their hands on him. Some boy-girl kissing action occurs between the trio. Later, Doll and Jane Marie surprise the guy by showing their nice looking penises. Doll continues to remind the man that they are still the pretty women that he met at the bar. Christian goes along with their three-way tryst. As the scene progresses, we can tell that the trio are really into one another and wanting to have a good time. I enjoyed watching the cocksucking activity by all of them. The way that they behave towards one another is natural. Nobody is acting like the main star or diva even though for us tranny porn fans, we already know which person is the headliner. Nevertheless, the most anticipated sex moments from the viewpoint of the audience, whether fair or not, are still the ones with Jane Marie. However, people should not dismiss Doll. She is quite hot too. As a matter of fact, a sex scene with Doll and Jane Marie making out together would be very appealing to us tranny fans. The handsome man gets to fuck her first as she rides him cowgirl style. Meanwhile, I enjoyed watching she and Jane Marie make out during the woman's cock ride. Right after Jane has sat on Christian's face, the beauty gets fucked by him while she is laying on her back. As the back and forth screwing activity occurs between Jane and her best friend Doll, the chemistry between the two girlfriends is endearing. The scene ends with Christian pulling out of Jane Marie and cumming on her.    

    Final Thoughts: As a transsexual release, Secret Desires is a very good one. It definitely shows the future of this genre. Jane Marie is on her way on becoming perhaps, the transsexual performer of the year. Eva Lin continues to show off her sexiness and likability. Amy Daly could easily be the nice looking woman who you see shopping at the grocery store and never ever think that she is a tranny. Natalie Foxx is a definite up and coming starlet who will continue to be in good demand. As a matter of fact, her sensual and personal performance with Christian XXX deserves to be nominated for Best Transsexual Sex Scene. We also cannot forget about Doll who will certainly see her stock rise. In the end, this film is an enjoyable one. This film deserves it's highly recommended rating. I am sure that many of the viewers will develop those same conclusions too. 


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