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Transsexual Activity 2


    Genre: Transsexual

    Director: Kevin Moore

    Cast: Jane Marie, Morgan Bailey, Eva Lin, Natalie Foxx, Vaniity, Christian XXX, Smith

    Length: 169 minutes

    Date of Production: 12/17/2012

    Extras: There are good photo galleries, cumshot recaps, trailers, websites information, and a cast list.

    Condoms: None

    Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.

    Overview: Transsexual Activity 2 is a film by the studio Jules Jordan Video and directed by Kevin Moore. The DVD cover shows that there is a lot of promise for this movie. There is Jane Marie who recently won three 2012 Tranny Awards including Shemale Yum Model of the Year and Best New Face. Eva Lin won the 2011 Tranny Award for Best New Face and Best Hardcore Performer. These two young starlets along with Vaniity are three of the most beautiful and sexy transsexual performers in this business. They could easily rival any mainstream pornstar. We also have hot newcomer Natalie Foxx and superstar Morgan Bailey. 

    Scene One: Vaniity lets in Kevin Moore into her house. She shows off her sexy moves a bit before the beautiful and fun tranny brings him to another part of the house where a blindfolded Christian XXX is tied to a chair. The restrained man wants to be let go, but Vaniity refuses. She is determined to make the guy into her bitch. The woman chokes and slaps him at times. Later, Vaniity shoves his face into her tits right before she makes him suck her dick. Then, the tranny sits on his lap and makes the blind-folded man suck her breast while a turned-on Vaniity strokes her own cock with good heat. Afterwards, a good mouthfucking session follows as Christian is still restrained to his seat. Next, the woman is stroking herself on the floor while she is rubbing his snatch from behind the chair. Then, Vaniity frees him from the chair. More cocksucking action occurs before their session moves onto the couch. At this point, Vaniity doggies him and then, moves to the missionary position where the tranny fucks him harder. Along the way, Vaniity continues to look so beautiful. Christian is a lucky man to have this lady fuck him. More mouthfucking activity occurs next. I really enjoyed watching her stand on the couch while she continues to have her dick be orally stimulated by the handsome man's mouth. Moments later, we get to see Vaniity use her mouth for good sucking action as Christian's dick gets a brief workout. Soon, he shoves his cock into Vaniity's asshole for their spooning session. He fucks her with good energy. When Vaniity asks him to fuck her harder, he provides it with a faster pace. Another swell cocksuck by Vaniity follows right before she rides him cowgirl style. As the scene progresses from position to position, the momentary cocksucking action looks hotter with the camera close-up shots. Later on, Christian cums into her asshole after doggying her. Afterwards, the pretty tranny cums into the man's open mouth.   

    Scene Two: Jane Marie and Natalie Foxx come over to a house where Kevin lets them in. He takes them to the pool where Smith is swimming. After he gets out of the water, he and the two lovely trannies walk towards the couch to begin their makeout tryst. After some nice sharing activity of his cock by Natalie and Jane, Jane exposes her breasts and soon, Smith and Natalie are sucking on them. Then, Natalie resumes the dick sucking action on the man. Afterwards, the trannies underdress down to their panties as they switch roles. We get good butt shots of Natalie's ass while Jane really works over the lucky guy's meaty plaything. Then, the back and forth cocksucking activity occurs with Natalie deepthroating Smith so easily. Later, Smith gets into the dick sucking act as he sucks Natalie's penis. Some toy play is shown as Natalie rubs the double-ended dildo on Jane's tits. However, the hottest moments occur whenever Jane and Natalie interact with each other by either sharing his dick, playing with the item, or even sucking one another's cock. At one point, we see the women trying to stick the rubbery item into Smith's asshole. Minutes later, Natalie is laying next to him as the other end of the toy is inserted into her butthole. Now, with Natalie and Smith being connected, she strokes both of their cocks while Smith is sucking on Jane's pecker. Jane really shoves her own cock deep into his mouth. For a brief moment,we see Jane and Smith connected with the rubbery toy. Later, Natalie is riding Smith's dick with good enthusiasm especially while she is slapping Jane's butt. Then, she is fucking Jane with the dildo while continuing to ride the man. The heat level increases as soon as Smith is doggying Jane. There is no doubt that he wants to fuck this beauty so badly. Next, while Jane is riding him, Natalie sticks the dildo into Smith's asshole. I enjoyed watching Natalie suck her butt cheeks. The scene gets hotter when Jane is riding him reverse cowgirl style and Natalie is stroking Jane's dick with much excitement. I also got so turned on watching Natalie suck it. Then, we see Jane and Natalie stroking their own dicks in a frenzy. It leads to Jane cumming on herself while Natalie continues to get fucked by Smith. One can tell that Jane gets off well. Meanwhile, Smith is fucking her with a lot of passion. It leads Natalie to cum all over herself. Smith continues his determined missionary screwing delivery until he pops his load on Natalie.    

    Scene Three: The director is talking to Eva Lin as she acts personable towards the camera. Her sexy charisma pulls the viewer in during her chat. One thing that I like about Eva is that even though she is not really trying, she still has a very seductive aura about herself. Eva is super sexy. It's not a surprise that guys are not disappointed to find out that she is a tranny. They still want to fuck this sexy beauty. Later, Eva shows us her breasts and very appealing nipples. Later, she takes out her dick and strokes it for the camera. After some ass shots, she walks into the house where a nice looking man is sitting on the couch. They kiss briefly before he starts to suck on the tranny's dick with a smooth delivery. He picks up pace when Eva mouth fucks him. Afterwards, the guy is eating her snatch momentarily before resuming Eva's oral massage of her cock. The fella does a nice job sucking her balls too. Later, he strips down and gets in doggie position. Eva spits on his asshole and fingers it. Soon, we get to see Eva's sexy legs as she positions herself to fuck the man. The beautiful woman humps him quite nicely. Her screwing delivery picks up pace. Eva looks quite pleased while fucking his mouth later on. Then, she finger fucks his butthole for a moment before resuming the screwing session. In the meantime, her partner looks very happy with his butt fuck. I really liked their eye contact since their performance felt more personal as it progressed on especially during the spoonful of pleasure moments. Very good oral shots by both people follow as Eva's partner sucks her balls and dick so well and Eva sucks his cock with splendid eye contact. Her attentive eyes are turn-ons. Later on, the guy goes to work anally on Eva and creates a nice looking gaping asshole. In the meantime, Eva looks so hot especially during her reverse cowgirl ride. A very fun doggie screw by Eva occurs afterwards as a big smiling Eva is fucking him.  Later on, Eva cums in his mouth. Then, she gets off of his chest and receives his cum in her mouth. I love seeing Eva suck his cock clean.    

    Scene Four: Morgan Bailey is sunbathing at the pool while her guy Christian is in the water. The woman is pouring and rubbing oil on her striking body. Her constant rubbing activity is a big turn-on especially as the camera pans her body. While Morgan continues to pamper herself, Christian is stroking his dick while watching her. Soon, he swims towards her and they kiss. Their kissing session moves towards the house. He kisses his way down her tall body and eventually starts to suck her dick. Then, we get some nice looking dick play as both people hand stroke one another. A more passionate cock suck occurs when Morgan is giving her man a bj on the couch. Next, the tranny fucks Christian missionary style. As she fucks the man in several positions, I enjoyed watching her be shot with her side profile. The blonde cutie looks hot especially with her lighter colored hair. Along the way, their performance provided good penis shots especially when Morgan was riding Christian. I really enjoyed the moments whenever she had a dick in her mouth. A passionately driven fuck by Morgan on Christian ends their very appealing performance. Her constant pounding makes the man cum on himself. After she sucks him dry, Morgan jacks herself off and cums into Christian's receptive open mouth.

    Final Thoughts: Transsexual Activity 2 is going to get a lot of activity and buzz when awards season comes along. All four performances are amazing. From one scene to the next, we continue to see sexy and gorgeous performers provide hot and enjoyable sex. I include the male performers in this statement too. The entire film is eye candy heaven. Vaniity reminds me of the beauty of Sophia Loren and the playfulness of Sofia Vergara. Jane Marie and Eva Lin are the classic dream girls of one's wet dream. The three-way performance with Jane, Natalie Foxx, and Smith could be nominated for Best Transsexual Scene. As for Morgan Bailey, I have never seen her more beautiful than in this film. She blows your mind. Furthermore, Morgan and handsome Christian make a very striking couple. I hope that she will not change her hair color. I love the much lighter look. Overall, this film is one of the leading contenders for Best Transsexual Release at next year's awards especially if you enjoy tranny with men sex scenes. It's a definite XCritic Pick.

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