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Transsexual Prostitutes 74


    Genre: Transsexual 

    Director: ?

    Cast: Eva Lin, Natalie Foxx, Jenna Belle, Kitty, Christian XXX, Wolf Hudson 

    Length: 125 minutes

    Date of Production: ?

    Extras: This section has a good photo gallery, several trailers, pop shots, and a Devil's VOD section.   

    Condoms: Yes

    Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.

    Overview: Transsexual Prostitutes 74 is the seventy-fourth installment to this solid series for studio Devil's Film. For tranny fans, this series won the AVN award for Best Transsexual Series in 2007 and 2008. In this installment, superstar Eva Lin and up and comer Natalie Foxx are the headliners.  

    Scene One: Jenna Belle and her customer are talking in a corridor. Afterwards, they take a walk and end up at a room. The guy starts removing his clothes. Once he is naked, the pretty tranny sucks his dick. He also feels her tits a bit. A titty fuck occurs. It's a nice one. Afterwards, Jenna's cocksucking activity heats up as she applies added effort to it. Later, the man sucks her boobs before Jenna rides him. A cool doggie screw follows with the camera providing good shots. Next, he sucks her dick with good determination. He deep throats the tranny with ease. It's pretty cool. More screwing action follows as the guy mishes and spoons Jenna. A reverse cowgirl ride occurs in between those two activities. Later, Jenna sucks a bit before the man jacks off on her face. My favorite moments were the ones where Jenna is getting mished and when she applies her hot bj.

    Scene Two: I enjoy listening to the discussion between Natalie Foxx and Wolf Hudson. It's an attention-getter. No matter at what location that they are at, the chemistry between them is good and spicy. When the cocksucking action occurs, Natalie applies a passionate one. Afterwards, the guy applies the oral play as he eats her snatch before fucking her doggie style. Another eye candy moment occurs when she rides him reverse cowgirl style. As a matter of fact, whenever we get to see Natalie's hot body and face straight at the camera, those are the best eye candy moments. In the ones where we see her from the side, the performance loses some lackluster. In the end, Wolf cums on her receptive mouth.

    Scene Three: Christian XXX picks up pink-haired Kitty. Later, while in the bedroom, he sucks her breasts and kisses her. Then, the tranny sucks his dick for a while with a whole lot of effort. It's a pretty cool bj. Later, the handsome man does some cocksucking and ass tasting before sticking his manhood into her. It is noticeable that Kitty is being affected by having his hard cock up her ass. In this performance, I enjoyed their spoonful of pleasure session most of all. She looks very hot and appealing in it. It is the moment when some fans would like to fuck her for themselves. More fucking activity follows with a doggie, the two cowgirl rides, and the missionary. Then, Christian cums on her receptive open mouth.  

    Scene Four: Eva Lin and Christian XXX look cute while sitting on the bed. Soon, the very pretty woman reaches for her groin. They kiss and then, he sucks her breast. Afterwards, the focus of the scene shifts to Eva Lin's fine blow job work. I enjoy the tight close-up shots of her cocksucking action. This activity leads to the man's own oral play too. Christian sucks her dick and Eva looks hot even while the camera shoots her from the side. The camera angles in this scene are very good and it even enhances the turn-on factor of their performance. Furthermore, you really cannot go wrong in shooting Eva Lin in any position. Her body is one of the hottest in porn. I also love looking at her sexy legs. From spoon, mish, cowgirl rides, and doggie, this scene is one  of the best performances in this movie. Finally, he cums in her mouth.

    Final Thoughts: The headliners do not disappoint at all. Eva Lin and Natalie Foxx are super hot in this film from their acting to the sex. Jenna Belle is going to be a solid performer and good eye candy stimuli for the viewers. This film is a good recommended flick.