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Next She-Male Idol 6, The


    Genre: Transsexual

    Director: Joey Silvera

    Cast: Bruna Butterfly, Beatricy Velmont, Nikolly Gaucha, Camila Klein, Luana Azevedo, Nicole Bastiani, Annalise Rose, Tori Lux

    Length: 196 minutes

    Extras: There are good photo galleries, cumshot recaps, websites information, trailers, an EvilAngel.com preview, and a cast list.

    Condoms: None

    Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

    Overview: The Next She-Male Idol 6 is the sixth installment to one of the very best series in the transsexual genre. Director Joey Silvera has a way of finding top-notch tranny performers and matching them up with adult female performers to create high quality performances that generate good chemistry between them. A big reason why his tranny films have always been successful with mainstream adult viewers and not solely with the transsexual fans is because he tailors it towards the average gonzo porn fan. He realizes that good fucking is good fucking regardless on who is performing the fucking. That's why Mr. Silvera regularly matches women with trannies. Since guys want to see pussy, he brings it.

    Scene One: In Sao Paulo, Brazil, Bruna Butterfly, who is wearing fishnet stockings, and Beatricy Velmont are bumping each other's booties. The two attractive ladies have their backs to the camera. Their asses look swell as both of them feel each other. The booty play and tease made me squirm in my seat. Later, they introduce themselves to the camera. Joey Silvera's voice can be heard off camera as he talks to them. Bruna has a small white butterfly hair clip on the side of her head. Some cute kisses and tongue play occurs as both ladies continue to be touchy feely towards one another. I like their matching undergarments. Bruna and Beatricy kiss and fondle the other woman's breasts. The toy play begins with Bruna rubbing a popsicle dildo in between her partner's titties. Afterwards, their dicks begin to poke out of their panties. Bruna begins to suck it gently. It's cool to see her stick the tranny's entire dick and part of her balls into her mouth. Later, she spits a nice amount of saliva on the hard dick. It really turns Beatricy on. The close-up shots of this bj session is totally hot. For those who love to suck tranny cock, this amazing cock suck will get your mouth all wet. Afterwards, Beatricy sucks Bruna's dick for a while. Later, Bruna is fucking her pal's asshole with the popsicle looking dildo. Once the toy play is through, Bruna fucks the woman herself. She does a good job. Then, Beatricy is seen doggying Bruna. Their screwing session shifts to a mish as Bruna is laying on her back. After her very good and determined fucking display, Beatricy uses the popsicle sex item on her partner which makes Bruna jack herself off. Next, she cleans Bruna's dick off by sucking it. In the end, Beatricy jacks off on the side of the woman's face.

    Scene Two: In Parto Alegre, Brazil, Nikolly Gaucha is entering a hotel room. She is a pretty blonde in a tight white mini dress. As soon as he enters the bedroom, Alex Victors is stunned to see the beautiful tranny in front of him. She uncovers her tits. Moments later, Nikolly shows off her ass and then, crawls on the bed. After she receives her payment, the man starts to focus on her crotch. He takes the standing lady's dick and sucks it with good effort. They kiss later on. Then, the tranny is on the bed as Alex places his attention on her asshole. For a long while, there is a good amount of cocksucking activity between the pair before the blonde hottie gets to fuck the man. It's important to note that each person is a solid fucker in this scene. Later on, Alex is the one who gets to fuck the attractive woman. As for this performance, I enjoyed watching Nikolly get fucked the most rather than her doing the fucking. In the end, she cums on his eager mouth and then, he jacks off at her receptive mouth.

    Scene Three: Camila Klein is showing off some sexy moves in front of a mirror as well as in front of the camera. Moments later, Luana Azevedo is standing beside her. The two ladies tease the camera especially the more expressive and playful Luana. While the tranny is rubbing her own dick, the woman is caressing her boobs. Some titty sucking action by Luana follows. They are kissing while Luana is stroking the cock. The scene later shifts to some cocksucking action. A fair amount of titty sucking activity occurs between the women. Afterwards, Luana rides Camila's cock. A very well done spooning screw follows. I really enjoyed the anal activity. Camila digs into her well. More asshole attentiveness occurs as Luana sucks the woman's snatch and fucks it with a black dildo. It gets quite wet. Finally, the tranny strokes off on Luana's face.

    Scene Four: In Florianopolis, Brazil, Nicole Bastiani enters an elevator and then, enters a room. She undresses and starts taking a shower although she still has on her garter, panties, and nylons. There is a nice amount of rubbing activity by Nicole along her panties and ass. Later, we see her nice hard on during her shower. Soon, her fella starts to stroke it. He makes her suck his finger. The scene shifts to the bedroom where the man is sucking her cock with solid effort. Nicole then, sucks his dick. I enjoyed watching her orally pleasure the guy. The tranny could not get enough of it. In the meantime, the sight of her own hard on continued to be appealing. The off and on mouth fucking action looked cool. Afterwards, a spooning screw occurs and Nicole receives a pretty hard fuck. His once in a while rapidly hard fucking motion gives this performance an effective captivating tone. Moreover, I loved Nicole's joyous demeanor. She truly is digging this scene. Next, the tranny fucks the stud missionary style. She applies a nice delivery throughout their performance. Nicole really enjoys spooning him. Later on, the scene ends with her stroking herself off on herself. Moments later, the man cums on her very joyous mouth.

    Scene Five: Joey Silvera and Tori Lux pick up Annalise Rose in Studio City, California. When they are indoors, they talk about breast size and that Annalise would like to have larger ones. Suddenly, the ladies are kissing. Tori's natural titties look great on her body. It would be a shame to see her with larger ones. She sucks the tranny's dick nicely with very good eye contact. The chemistry between she and Annalise is quite good. Their body language towards one another is sweet. Later, Annalise sucks Tori's appealing pussy. Tori's cute smile is totally hot as both of them rub her sexual plaything. A very lengthy cocksucking session occurs. The sight of watching Tori rub the tranny's dick is cool. I really appreciate that they kiss a bit too. Minutes later, Annalise is sucking her partner's snatch while Tori is in doggie position. Next, the screwing action follows when Tori rides her cowgirl style. More very cool cocksucking action by Tori follows before she gets spooned by the woman. The sight of these two ladies together is a high turn-on factor. The toy play begins afterwards when Tori fucks her partner with a pink item. It looks cool. I really got excited watching Annalise fuck Tori's pussy with the item while an electronic vibrator is applied to Tori's clit by Tori. It gets her off amazingly well.

    Final Thoughts: Joey Silvera is having another amazing year making transsexual porn. The fans can feel reassured that when a film with his name comes out that it is going to be a very good one especially when it is a tranny flick. Annalise Rose and Tori Lux had a fun and highly enjoyable performance that felt personal. Bruna Butterfly and Beatricy Velmont were a pair of sizzling sex sirens that kept the heat level going especially during the bj moments. Camila Klein and Luana AzevedoI gave a solid performance as a tranny-female duo. I recommended this film.

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