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Young & Juicy Trannies


    Genre: Transsexual 
    Director: ?
    Cast: Fernanda, Luciane, Alexis, Yris, Paola
    Length: 87 minutes
    Date of Production: ?
    Extras: None
    Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good. This film is shot in High Definition and Dolby Digital.
    Overview: Young & Juicy Trannies is the second installment to this series from a very solid Trannys Party Trailer. I have seen several of their tranny flicks and I am impressed by their work. They have been raising the bar each time they have put out a release. The quality of their films are improving pretty quickly.   
    Scene One: Paola is on the bed and she removes her top. The attractive tranny rubs her crotch momentarily. She is wearing red panties. Soon, we see her ass while she is rubbing her snatch with one hand and stroking her dick with the other one. More solo cock stroking follows while she is laying on her back. The cock sucking activity occurs soon as her fella is standing on the bed. Her bj motions and technique becomes more stimulating while her partner is laying on his back and she is staring at the camera. Paola sucks his dick in a slow pace at first, but then, increases it later on. Some asshole licking follows by her stud. Some of the better moments occur when he kisses the back of her neck and body. It brings a tone of romanticism to their performance. A doggie fuck on the tranny follows. As the screwing activity rolls along, it provides good action, but the chemistry between them disappears.
    Scene Two: Luciane is laying on the bed while her man pleasures her by kissing her sexy body, sucking her breast, and kissing her lips. The atmosphere of this scene is very sensual. I like how the gentleman does a fine job in kissing the sexy tranny's butt. After her fella removes his clothes, Luciane sucks his cock. I love how the camera pans her body nicely. Her beautiful body really needs to be showcased well too. As their very good scene rolls along, I enjoyed watching the teddy bear in the chair. There is a good deal of cocksucking activity by both performers. It's easy to say that after this performance, Luciane is going to have many new admirers.
    Scene Three: Yris is playing with herself for a while before she sucks her man's cock. Her body is a turn-on. I enjoyed watching the guy finger fuck her butthole with several fingers. After he has provided some gaping action, Yris sucks his dick pretty sensually before getting fucked in the ass well. Although the fucking activity is good, I still preferred watching Yris give a blow job.  
    Scene Four: Alexis is having her cock sucked on by a guy. She looks like a woman who gets what she wants. Her body is quite appealing in her fetish type outfit. The lengthy mouth fucking session looks cool. The tone of their fucking activity remained the same. Alexis continued to look impressive.  
    Scene Five: Fernanda is a very sexy woman who teases her man with her striptease. The camera does a good job in panning her body. Later, she strokes her penis a bit before the attentive guy comes over to her to orally pleasure her meaty plaything. While the man continued his long lasting stimulative behavior, I could not keep my eyes off of Fernanda. Then, he positions her so that he can eat her salad. He doggies her next and her butt is so fine. During the fuck from behind moments, Fernanda's attitude was matter of fact. Next, she rides him reverse cowgirl style. At this point, she looks so gorgeous. During the mish action, she begins to show some expressions on her face. This scene is going to be replayed much.   
    Final Thoughts: This film creates two new fan favorites. They are Fernanda and Luciane. They deserve to be showcased more often in this genre. However, as to the rest of the movie, the sex is good, but not as stimulating as compared to other recent films from this production company. Hence, this movie is a rental

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