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Little Asian Transsexuals 21


    Genre: Transsexuals

    Director: Darren Morgan

    Cast: Nadia, Annie, Fiat, Simine

    Length: 162 minutes


    Extras: A nice looking photo gallery, a cumshot recap, several trailers, and website information.

    Condoms: Yes

    Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

    Overview: Little Asian Transsexuals 21 is the twenty-first installment to this fine series. I enjoy watching beautiful petite trannies have exciting sex with a partner that they have good chemistry with throughout their performance. Darren Morgan is one of the better directors in this genre.

    Scene One: Nadia and a guy fall on a couch. The smiling lady makes out with him briefly before we see them snuggling. Suddenly, she takes out his dick and gives the man a hand job. Their chemistry is very good as they snuggle. Afterwards, the cocksucking action looks cool as it gets nice and wet. Some mouth fucking activity occurs too. Next, Nadia's man sucks her tits briefly before removing her jeans. Then, he sucks her covered sexual package momentarily before taking her dick out to suck it. When Nadia gets to suck his cock, it is very appealing. I like the turn-on appeal that it has. Next, their performance becomes cooler when he pushes both of the tip of their dicks together. Then, Nadia rides him for a while. I like how the man's dick is motioned straight upwards. Nadia's cock ride is cool and becomes more exciting later on. A spooning session follows with the fella providing a good screwing motion. I like how he thrusts himself into her so smoothly. A doggie fuck occurs next. The pace picks up a whole lot that Nadia screams with much pain. The mish is captivating since it's a creamy sight. Finally, the man cums on her receptive mouth. Then, Nadia is seen taking a shower.

    Scene Two: Annie is laying on a couch in her sexy lingerie while running her hands all over her body. The attractive woman is very pretty. Moments later, she walks up to her hardworking man and gets his attention by caressing him. The fella starts making out with her. I like seeing him stroke her dick as they kiss. A close-up shot of their dicks occur when they are pushed against one another. This cock on cock action looks cool and lasts for a while. Later, I enjoyed watching Annie stroke both of their dicks. Then, the guy sucks her meaty plaything with some teasing behavior. Next, Annie sucks his cock with solid focus. It looks pretty stimulating too. A cowgirl ride follows. Annie looks very pretty while she straddles him with her cute motion. During the reverse cowgirl ride, her dick moves in a counter clockwise motion. It is a mesmerizing sight. A fuck from behind occurs and then, a spooning session. There is a lot of close-up penile-anal shots. As the scene progresses, I can feel that Annie is feeling the strain of his steady screwing motion. With the mish action, Annie strokes herself off on herself. Then, her man pulls out and cums on her package. Annie takes a shower afterwards. Her wet and soapy body looks hot.

    Scene Three: Sexy Fiat is washing dishes when her horny guy enters the kitchen. Some fondling activity between them occurs as they rub the other's groins. Then, a hot cock suck occurs as the camera captures a tight shot of it. Moreover, Fiat stares at the camera for a long time while continuing to orally pleasure the long and hard meaty plaything. Afterwards, both of them walk to the bedroom where the pretty woman lays on her back. She still looks at the camera as she prepares herself for him. Her man plays with her nipples with his fingers. I like how they get hard and pointy. As the titty play continues, Fiat begins to tease the camera with soft biting motions. I like the close-up shots of her breasts as the guy sucks on them. Some brief dick on dick play occurs before the man fucks her mouth. When their screwing fest occurs, the activity provides steady heat. Also, Fiat's pretty body is a huge turn-on and eye candy stimuli as she gets fucked from one position to the next. People are going to want to see more of her in the future. Later, during the reverse cowgirl ride, some really good creaming action occurs. This creaming action gets hotter later on. During the mish moments, Fiat strokes her dick very rapidly. Eventually, this attractive lady cums.

    Scene Four: Pretty Simine is wearing a green dress. Her fella kisses her sexy leg on the bed. The couple has very good chemistry. They kiss a bit. I wished that it was longer. The following cock on cock action looked cool as the man pushes his dick into hers. I also enjoyed watching him cover his own penis with the tranny's skin of her balls. Then, the cocksucking action begins. Simine's cock suck is much hotter as her pretty face enhances the enjoyment level. Furthermore, the tight close-up of her hot blow job made my mouth water. She also does a very nice job sucking his dick while getting titty fucked. Afterwards, the screwing action starts off well with an exciting doggie fuck. I enjoyed the creaming moments. The guy continuously fucks her heartedly in the spooning position. Simine looks very sexy while laying on her right side of her body. The viewer is going to want to see her more often. A smiling tranny bounces on his cock while riding him reverse cowgirl style. The close-up shots of her butthole are also cool. Their mish session is very heated with very good and rapid stroking action by Simine and the man on her dick. While watching this fast paced cockrubbing action, I was losing my breath. The cumshots were good. I really liked watching Simine's very receptive mouth. Later, the very happy woman is taking a shower.

    Final Thoughts: This film has a good amount of exciting sex with sexy and pretty trannies. I also got very turned on by the penis on penis action as well as the creaming moments. It's a shame that these activities are not seen in many transsexual performances. As for the female performers, I can't wait to see them again. These ladies are super hot and deserve to get a lot of work. I loved the chemistry factor in all four of these scenes. It would be nice to see longer kissing action though. Overall, this film is a recommended one. I was impressed with the enjoyment level of these sexual performances.      

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