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Sweet and Confused Shemales 3


    Genre: Transsexual

    Director: ?

    Cast: Marcinha, Valeria, Oh, Thaiana, Bia

    Length: 87 minutes

    Extras: None

    Condoms: Yes

    Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid. It is filmed in high definition.

    Overview: Sweet and Confused She-Males 3 is the third installment to this series. I enjoy watching films from Trannys Party Trailer since they use many transsexual performers that have not had exposure in other transsexual productions. They are pretty fresh from the street so to speak.

    Scene One: Oh is sitting with a guy. She is actively rubbing his crotch. The young stud is wearing blue athletic shorts. Oh is wearing a white blouse and a very short miniskirt. They kiss as the fondling activity increases. She continues her hands-on activity while he has his hand up her shirt and feeling her tits. Moments later, his dick is out and the tranny is rubbing it. When the cocksucking action begins, it becomes nicely heated. Oh is really driving her mouth into it as well as stroking it with her hand. Next, she removes her skirt. Then, the tranny resumes her good oral skills. I like her dedicated effort. She knows that the guy is enjoying her blow job. At times, Oh looks at the camera, but for the most part, she is in her own world sucking a cock. Afterwards, the guy fucks the tranny reverse cowgirl style with a solid pumping delivery. At times, he really pumps her quite wickedly. It is those moments that are the hottest. The following spooning moments don't have the same spark to them. I was just waiting for a different position to spice up their performance. The pile driver position got my attention back. Later, the man jacks off at her receptive open mouth.

    Scene Two: Sexy Thaiana is sitting on a couch while playing with her cock. She strokes it with good effort. She is very aware of the camera. Later, she is on her knees in doggie position as she continues to rub her dick and this time, plays with her asshole. I like Thaiana's body. She has sexy legs and a very good pair of tits. Suddenly, a guy appears on her. He kisses her neck and strokes her sexual plaything. Next, she shoves his face into her snatch and tastes her. After he gets it all naturally lubricated, he sticks his finger into it for some fingerfucking action. I like that he works on it a good amount of time. Then, we see a close-up shot of Thaiana's cocksucking behavior. It's one that does keep your attention. A titty fuck is shown too. A doggie screw follows. I like the tranny's red leggings. The doggie becomes more heated. Then, their spooning moments show Thaiana's beauty well. It too gains in very good exciting heat. After a cowgirl ride, the woman receives his cum at her receptive mouth.

    Scene Three: Marcinha gets her dick sucked by a guy. His delivery is smooth. When it is her turn to suck dick, she applies a more heated delivery and motion. Later, Marciha shifts her attention onto his snatch for a moment before returning to the blow job action. A mouth fuck on the man follows. Then, a cowgirl and reverse cowgirl ride occur next. On account of this scene showing the man getting fucked rather than the tranny, it is not as much of a turn-on as the other scenes. During the mish, the guy cums on himself and then, Marcinha pulls out and cums on him.

    Scene Four: Valeria and her guy are kissing. Some spanking action occurs as the fella spanks her ass and sucks it with much passion. He fingerfucks it next. I like listening to their foreign accents. Then, the pretty woman acts like a hot whore as she sucks and slaps his dick on her face. Valeria is definitely a passionate cocksucker. She is pretty wild. Afterwards, her moans get hotter as her partner fingerfucks her and then, fucks her. I enjoyed her hard cowgirl ride where she humps the guy hard while being the rider. Later, it's the man who applies a hard fuck on the tranny during the mish moments. In the end, both of them end up cumming on her.

    Scene Five: Bia and her guy are kissing while standing outdoors. She is rubbing his dick at the same time. Soon, the tranny is on her knees to give him a nicely applied bj. Meanwhile, Bia is stroking her own cock with her hand underneath her jeans. Then, her man is sucking her off. I enjoyed watching it as Bia is standing dressed in her blue shirt and jeans. This already nicely shot and performed scene gets even better as the camera showcases their penile-anal fucking area from underneath them during the fuck from behind session. Also, the man's fucking delivery becomes even more fast paced. Their missionary screw also generates exciting heat. Then, he cums on her.

    Final Thoughts: This film brings several good fucking performances especially the one with the hot and exciting Valeria. Sexy Thaiana deserves a special mention too since she could rise up the ranks of transsexual performers especially if she can get better exposure. All in all, this production is a nice rental for any tranny fan.